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One of the easier and faster ways to have Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin on your machine is, without a doubt, passing by a comfortable and automatic installation package like XAMPP.

XAMPP offers a self-installing pack with which you will be able to stay and serve your web pages from your local machine.

In addition, XAMPP offers a collection of libraries and other applications useful for the management and administration of a web page, along with all dependencies that are essential. It includes, among other utilities, PHP & PEAR, SQLite, Perl, ProFTPD, OpenSSL, GD, Freetype2, libjpeg, libpng, zlib, Ming, Webalizer, mod_perl, eAccelerator and phpSQLiteAdmin.

A web server, a database, PHP, Perl and an FTP server are the key elements of XAMPP. Also includes Apache 2 and the latest versions of MySQL and PHP, all of this in a wizard that will automate the entire installation process to make it as light and fast as possible.

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The best: I've tried it in different operativsos between window and linux systems and sn hesitation is the best that there is, its installation is fast, its administration is simple iper and also brings very good plug-ins. I recommend it


TOO MUCH FASHION: Good afternoon that God bless you more and prosper your understanding, I love XAMPP because I worked it on a computer at the University, I would like to download it to my computer but me is impossible because send message and yet I get the code, I would like that with regard to this download option became more feasible for users. Thank you happy nights


Optimal program: I installed this application on my linux ubuntu 8.10 and it works very well...I I am getting closer to PHP, Mysql applications, and it seems to me to be very intuitive. Pensabe that you install a server was not so simple. The only thing was that the installation has to be done as administrator and therefore I had to struggle a bit with permissions. However in the xampp web site is very well explained in the event that you encounter any problem. Install wordpress and joomla and goes perfectly.


installation: How is it going!! I need help, someone could tell me how I install it please? try to install it says in the apache friends website, but I get this error tar: xampp-linux-1.7.1. tar. gz: cannot open: No such file or directory tar: error is not recoverable: out now tar: Child returned status 2 tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors


JhonMelguizo: Best regards XAMPP is excellent package good lamp, think it is a good start for notavos like me to enter the beautiful world of programming.


Very good: The truth their installation is very good for the q know how to install it, I tried it on my virtual machine and works of ten, for my xampp is the best web server...I recommend it...Excellent.


Super simple!: xamp offers the possibility to install a complete web server with support for web pages in php and mysql database engine on a single application. Its configuration is very simple and via a web interface allows the easy configuration of the web server. A single application and with very few steps, we have installed apache, php and mysql all running from the first moment. The best test for a novice and not environment.



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