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Finally available for Linux the most popular Internet music player.

WinAmp is a music player, fast, flexible, and high-quality. WinAmp allows you to use interfaces and customized by the user, called "skins" that change the appearance of the program to your liking, also supports the use of plug-ins for display and audio effects.

The most important features of the program are: support plug-in for introduction of audio CDs and line input, display and control. Plug-in for entries of ACM and WAV files. Play any WAV file. Optimized audio output system.

Optimizations in support of 8-bit sounds. More genres ID3 tag support. Inclusion of the demo.mp3 file. Best conversion of filenames. Additional commands for lists of reproductions. Change in the nomenclature of audio DSP plug-ins.

Directory of Plug-ins and Skins customizable by the user (in winamp.ini file). Improvements in the Skins: transparencies, separate volume and balance controls definition of signs.

Support of input and output of the new sound format Windows Media Technology 4.0 (WMT4), support for ShoutCAST 1.5, Decoder MP3 Nitrane 1.60 with MMX acceleration and 3d Now!, generic Equalizer PCM with preset that works with most formats (WAV/XM/MOD/IT/VQF/AAC/etc), new versions, CDDA system with auto-play Tester, support multilanguage, support of fonts for Windows, directory of plugins configurable, intuitive playlist editor and a web browser.

Winamp 3 Linux screenshots and videos

Winamp 3 Linux reviews


Not be whether laugh or cry: It is a pity that this player was allowed to update, but there is a lot more best players on linux than on windows, and I use it up to version 4 for windows, is became heavy, but in end, and figure among the novelties that 10 years is the worst, this player, by God


New?: Why figure in news an outdated and in the year 2001 Alpha program? Have we been without news programs for Linux?


And give!: Again you gets to sneak this antique in the what's new list. Is it so hard to find any new or updated program for Linux? Do or perhaps does not deserve you both respect and the system of the windows and blue screens? It must be a day.


the best Media Player: This is one of the best music players in the area and great for linux... it reconmiendo


Winamp is Alpha!: Hey all, if it is full of errors is because it's alpha version: "unstable, version for developers". And for those who say that because no amarok or xmms, winamp offers an infinity of plugins like that look for it is to see if you can participate in google music trends (http://www.google.com/trends/music) Read the cart well before review


Definitely bad =: Relatively, this version of winamp for linux seems to be written with the feet, because apparently, the developers, not the rpobaron not verified bugs of the program, fence if they are heaps, just want to add a mp3 to the list so that the program is closed, and a demonized noise of blum, which destroys the eardrums, or want to change the skin, color, equalize, in the end, this version of winamp, useless!


No more Winamp Linux: It no longer exists if you want to. By visiting the website of winamp no is the encuentra.y the more try it download, most will remain top-downloads. Alternatives: amarok, or but bmpx, or xmms, winamp-like latter.


WHO MAY WANT TO WINAMP IN LINUX?: For the nostalgic xmms and those who want the best amarok! I do not understand pr that want to use the same that in windows when you have better alternatives in linux...


Abandoned project...: This project was abandoned, it is a shame could have gotten much party...

Little stable, best xmms: After having thousand problems with the installation and get it to run, I carry a disappointment when I saw the little stable that was and the amount of errors that has this program. My recommendation is to not miss time and you bajeis xmms which has the same "look", the same features and everything, but is much better developed. I've been using this last about a week and it has not given me any problem.


Criticism of Softonic: Is true that winamp for windows is essential, very good, and Yes, agreement has to be installed, but I think that not bothering to make an analysis of the program on linux is a lack of professionalism very grave.el program, and if not check it out, is very bad in linux, is the distro that sea.un greeting


bad:): Tiste in win amp été aya remained in the past in comparison to other players is very bad I do not recommend it


XMMS was already: It was at the time of the carts. Now his successor is audacious media player, find it with google ;-) Ah, is free and gpl, as it should be!

Do not waste your time does not work...: No lifts or in mandrake 8.1, or redhat 7.3... So I dare say if I don't raise on your redhat 7.2... That it is not.

You have problems: Linux redhat 7.2 in Spanish seems not to get the program. To see if they can verify that funcioene in other versions of linux let me know please

Do not lose time: This version is not worth, there are programs that have been a lot better since its early versions.

Very bad: It is amazing how the spirit of a program can ruin when is the "mal-porta" to linux, and is what has made the people of nullsoft, or the "pelatos" who have been in charge of the project... We follow (for now) with the xmms


not what you use! : It is a clean version and has bugs for all parts. If you are looking for players for linux winamp-style descragate xmms or vlc media player and put the housing small.

Quod Libet

Quod Libet

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