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Embark on the great adventure of space with Vendetta Online, a splendid 3D game that combines the best of intelligent shooters, with its fast-paced combat in real time, and the best of massively online role playing games. An unfathomable universe acts as backdrop to this game of exploration and space combat, where hundreds of players interacting, facing his skills as pilots, explorers, traders, mercenaries or space pirates.

While we will be testing the system of fighting in real time, very fast and intense at the same time, we will develop our character that will evolve in a huge galaxy. Vendetta Online, there are 3 major factions, and each competes for power both military, political and economic, a background on which we must build our reputation of an expert pilot.

Vendetta Online 3D graphics offer a high level of sophistication, highly conducive to the conflict since the explosions literally bewitch the fighting. We will participate, along with other players, in missions that will take us to fight against entire Nations, with hundreds of ships enemy. Vendetta Online the acrobatics and flying techniques are unsurpassed, and numerous with ships of all kinds and a combat system that immerses us completely in the outer action real-time.

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