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Are you fan of action in local network or online games? Sure that many times you've missed less any way to be able to communicate with your clan members, either to decide tactics or simply put a bit of fear the enemy. In that case, Team Speak is your application.

Gamer real-time communication

Com TeamSpeak you can talk with your team mates during a game, by headphones and microphone, allowing you a communication in real time.

A highly configurable tool

TeamSpeak allows using different channels of communication and designate actions by associating them with keyboard shortcuts. It also includes various configuration options, such as automatically start communication with only speak, normalize the volume of the voice, etc.

High quality communications

The TeamSpeak sound quality is excellent, and, despite that, this application will just consume resources of your system.

Essential for the lovers of the game online

TeamSpeak is a fairly powerful and intuitive application for players who want to communicate are your friends in online game.

What version of TeamSpeak need?

The TeamSpeak Client version is required for each user to be able to connect to a server (there are free servers, but they tend to be very saturated). And the Server version is the one that allows to create a server (which will connect each user through a Client version).

  • Excellent voice quality
  • Very useful in online games
  • Minimum consumption of resources
  • Up to 1000 users at the same time
  • Poor design
  • Difficult to adjust sound

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TeamSpeak reviews


Spanish: It is very good but the game would be better q outside Spanish pal is genia thing wrong uniko q not this Spanish


Communicate with your teammates or enemies of battle: It is one of the best tools for gaming clans, for example. In my case, for example, is enough, since it can coordinate special events (like a capture the flag or some duels 1 vs 1) with greater ease and more organized way, thing that online gaming chats always damaged in one way or another...


No me convenze: Yes I found it a bit confusing, I guess k not being accustomed, in spite of this I think k has a good agenda for beginners, but also I think k is could improve :D Best regards


Confusing at first, easy a few days after: At first seem very confusing, with too many things, but when you take a couple of days they are few

K-PO 2.0

very good tool: It is one of the best tools for gaming clans, for example. In my case, for example, is enough, since it can coordinate special events (like a capture the flag or some duels 1 vs 1) with greater ease and more organized way, thing that online gaming chats always damaged in one way or another...


I liked most the other!: I like this but porke newly kitado the other teamspeak 2 and formatted my computer and now I can not download me the ts2 and I can communicate with others... I hope you put another vex the teamspeak2...


good: ((the program is very good =) I use it and m works with total normality also easy d is to use, =)


cool mo gollon: ASE efisien tease fasil pa oline games you can comú Nicaragua better and it is the pump that is labonba not fal ta desir ase more


The famous TS: It is a program to talk to your friends, simple and easy to use 1st you connect to a server that you tell your friends there where they are 2nd then you get in different rooms with the corresponding password 3rd as you have the option of no more talk turns don't need press to be talking about that (be careful what you say, xdd) It's perfect for online games games, while playing you can talk by the TS, e.g. counter-strike you speak of your clan while you play a screen, that easy.


Too good: This is a good program for gamers by so you save the script that only sometimes is too estensa and kita also long. This program is excellent for players in network or online games. you only have to have a private channel to be able to ablate well with your other friends. the channel or channel are ordered through of the teamspeak page. concluscion is an excellent program wing play. Best regards.


The famous TS, not need to say more: It is of the more popular, used, and that is by the tool that it is, so no ahe that think it much to choose one of these, that clear up of the purpose for which want you, that basically is to have lectures of talks of 2 or more people, on 2nd level, in order to have your present activities as play for other reason out of play can you think of other programs, but this is just what is needed for this clear and comuniocasion


Mola: better than none, very useful and indispensable for any gamer that is worthy of the name.


good: It is very good especially if you want to communicate in an online game


Easy: It is a program to talk with your friends, usually friends of any game, to avoid having to be writing all the time, I use it in WoW, aunq WoW has a voice chat, we use the TS (Team Speak) because the sound quality is very good, that you have a very easy installation that everyone can understand. The biggest problem is that in free servers, channels that you think are not permanent, so once you enter you have to create a channel.


Useful, easy to use... and free!: & quot;Talk talk & quot; It is no longer only a radio program, also now is a PC program!. Chats for whatever you want, from medicine, to hayuda games, talk to your friends in a private room, play online and talking as if you were the character in the game... A programazo that can not miss on your PC. There are people who say that Skype is better, easier to use and in Spanish. I have not ever used Skype, but this has a utility to pass to Spanish (downloadable from Softonic) and not take nor 30 seconds to start using it, you only need an IP address, and 5 minutes to make me the my private. An IP that nobody bothers me. I repeat that you won't regret downloading.


Bakan!: recommended ultra download it now-super simple 0 problems I use it for my clan counter strike great for play online and communicate with your friends


TeamSpeak Client I prefer skype pa my more simple and in Spanish, prove the team speak and I prefer skype xD


VERY very good: a program is easy to use and very useful for work and talk with friends or family.


Communication easier for online games: Excellent utility service of clans and players online. Simple and conscientious in their work if we also combine it with TeamSpeak Overlay to see who speaks in every moment we have an essential program. Use it in my squad of Battleground Europe (WWII online) and responds to the perfection and can create new rooms and groups that distribute the troop of quickly and effectively. Since we use it we have not tried another.


No me sirvio: the download but not what I understood and I could not make it work. so don't be if it is good or bad


Good: This program goes super well to ablate with your friends while you play but it is better the xfire


TeamSpeak2.0.32.60: You are kidding! Advice: it is better to use headphones with micro, if this is not the case, there are k go to the setting and canviarlos to avoid k micro take the sound from the speakers and k make the annoying echo.


The best in voice communication: It really is an easy to install, and very easy to use program. You can keep conversations in real-time during online games, either with your teammates or your opponents to fill them with stress. This is use more common that has been given to this program, but you can broaden their horizons, survivors to your relatives abroad the existence of this program, and hold conversations with family and friends, from and to any part of the world, with a maximum sound quality, and a minimum consumption of system resources. All you need is the IP of the server created by someone you know, or choose from several servers free and ready, you can create channels for conversations protected by password, finally a great choice in communication. Download and enjoy this great program 100% recommended, now don't you regret.


TeamSpeak Client very useful, walking difficulty: This program the truth is that I was surprised, use it for my clan of counter-strike: Source and I will wonder. And even if translate it with the translation available at softonic. It is very difficult to bundling, as for example, when you connect to the server, just give DoubleClick to the channel or the subchannel (and if it ask enter password) to talk with that channel.


Perfect: For what is made perfectly fulfills: talk about with other people of your same game game online. A lightweight, easy to configure, program almost does not steal bandwidth and that it is essential for massive online games or that is needed to talk to the other players. In addition free. It might be improved in appearance, but it would surely become a heavier program. Available a translation to Spanish, if someone does not understand the interface, although it is very easy to use.


That's great: This software is highly recommended for communications because you download fast and easily besides being free is an excellent program, I use it for all sorts of games especially wart


Team Speak is very good...: It is a great program for communications in games And very well does not affect paa nothing in games multiplayer, before it towards since mesenger but since I discovered the team speak no use otherwise.

[email protected]@

For my best: WENO so that, for me is the best program to talk while you play, or you do something different, does not give you lag, it is fast, simple, comfortable and very easy to use. Te lo puedres translate to Spanish... With a patch that you can download.


Team talk: The truth this little program (is good) rule, you've been testing with games online, downloads, etc and their role without falling off, not to eat the bandwidth.


Impeccable coordination: It is the best choice for those who play online along with several friends and they need already not only communicate within the game but to carry out together all those steps leading up to the game such as create the game or say the password to the other players. Does not consume large resources, and does not send annoying warnings or notices anything. You need the IP address of a server to which you connect, then you can create your own chat rooms to talk to your friends protected po password. You can also send written messages. The sound quality is perfect. In short: quality and usefulness, all in one.


RugniR: This very good, I use to play moh:aa and serves me tired because I use it to talk to other players for my clan...;)

victor the best

TeamSpeak client I the truth k mo pair download it to play in a game without k m online(conuter strike) good other people in the game and the truth is k meesta resulting very useful if kereis spoken cnmig my msn is [email protected]


Team speak: It is easy to use once it is learned.


Question: I would like to know if accounts can be created for example only I speak with my cousin. Esque on the battlefield use in the clan but I would like to only use it to talk to my own cousin.


It is ke flipasss...: The program is very well, easy and simplified... easy to use, this program is intended for communication while at the same time playing multiplayer... I play call of duty 4 and it going very well...clear voice can be heard and there is no interruption or cuts of the voice. This program so I mainly advise people like piar muxo ke, porke is free and not slope Twine hehe...


X the best of all fire: I think it's a great program but that charge you to talk... Will not prefer the xfire


Excellent: This software is highly recommended for communications that is downloaded quickly and easily as well as being free is an excellent program that lets you ablar directly and instantly that you choose. Especially useful for network games that you enjoy! Suerte Gabi-redbull-


works quite well: The delay of the voice depends on server mountains it... Where can I download the translation to Spanish?


Perfect: Perfect, I belong to a clan and this program will be Pearl, also is easy to usra and to, and is fast, wonderful sencullamente connection


This pretty well: Done well his work, talking to coworkers, fails its interface and language I cost at the beginning peo does its job of death and also does not lag.


It is good...: Simplified in apariencia.algun minor problems (repeats a poquillo...) pero if not it has tested other comparar, pa to give it with a song in los pinos... Very commendable.


Is not bad: It is fairly well, especially q you can make your own channels to talk, but it goes wrong with some sound cards. I also recommend the ventrilo.

Firefox user

Excellent program to speak while playing: It's great to be able to talk to many users. You connect to a teamspeak server and ready. On one server, you can have different areas to speak. If you are on a channel different from other players you don't hear them.


Team Speak - Client: This programilla is very well to communicate with your colleagues when you are playing to something. I recommend it since I am one of those users that most they are connected to this program.


He is very single handle: Download it to me to communicate with my Playmates on line and the truth is that goes very well, is very simple to use and you don't need to complicate your life when you install it, you the recomiendo.saludos.


Team speak: The only thing k see that it fails him this program is the panel of home, appearance, but by the others without problems


It is worthwhile to download it: This software is amazing, I love and over is free. that more you can find jajaa


To ablate while I play the counter: Well I got it me because they told me that it is the best program to ablate while playing the counter.


Piece program!: Seems a good program, still have not used it seriously but it used it for my unique online game: world of warcraft. I have a question... How do I create my own server? Already is that you must use the teamspeak server but when I run it it gives me a strange Admin and now does not return to anything when I run it, simply gets in the taskbar and not let me give none of your options (ip, administrator) as is when the server I have installed? How is it mounted? I can change her name and bucarlo? If you know something I prefer that you put a comment since I have little problems with my hotmail account [email protected]


Excellent: This is a very good speaking voice, program I occupied in the game delta force 2. Bueno aki download link is bad but now ke arrives I them dire the link to download it. Link: ftp://ftp.freenet.de/pub/4players/teamspeak.org/releases/ts2_client_rc2_2032.exe Ke you enjoy



0/10 4 reviews

Communicate with your teammates or enemies of battle

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0/10 2 reviews

Talk, chat and works locally with other people

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Client 3.0.5

0/10 0 reviews

Communicate with your fellow battle

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Server 3.0.3

0/10 0 reviews

Create your own server for Ventrilo

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version 2.40 Build 524

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Play and chat without stopping

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Communicate via voice with your fellow game online games

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