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With multiplayer role-playing online games to the upside comes this marvel, RuneScape, a delight for quality, good taste and ideas. It is made in Java, so it runs perfectly on multiple platforms, including Linux (with the java plugin).It is of an, at first glance, typical MMORPG, but is not like everyone else, since it is played in a small window. That makes that game speed is high, no matter the type of connection that you have too.If we stick to the game itself, we find a pure and simple role-playing, character creation, game missions, worlds to explore, creatures of all kinds, treasures, trade and much more. Although really nice interface, extremely simple and agile, very well structured and with quick access to the most important functions.In terms of our character can choose from four classes, each with its advantages and disadvantages, which are: adventurer, Mage, Warrior and Explorer. Once modified the appearance of our male or female comes the time of personal characteristics, adding up to a total of nearly thirty values (defense, attack, cooking, carpentry, magic...). On the other hand we have the magic and magical prayers, with other many spells and chants, without forgetting the runes needed to perform spells and chants for spirituality.We can interact with everything and everyone, buying, selling, fighting, investigating, learning, stealing, questioning and an almost unlimited list of actions.Definitely it's an addictive, but very addictive game RPG to spend hours and hours without even realizing it, with a simplicity and quality that dazzle.

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runescape game for brave. and weird people : to my it seems to me that the game is too good since you can interarticularis with almost everything :D


does not have much graphics: RuneScape is a game very fun and very entertaining. the best Runescape is its graphics. the worst thing is that almost everything is for members-members. It is my game faborito.es the best game is played. every day play you. my account is narutossj012 yamam.


It is the best game: Lo ke me like runescape is ke aser can many things, can fight, disfrasarte and use weapons jajajajajajajaja


Actualizen program: Since this this is already old. Now came the runescape 2 much better... Already I absorbed and I am level 80 and I will keep playing. As f2p until it bored me. That put note 1 now test the new game if you don't like bad grateful... It is free and also full. The graphics improved a lot compared to the previous version. You have all kinds of work and ways of interacting. From mining. Cook, do things by hand. Fishing, make weapons among other skills.

Dioooooosssssss... Often Vice!: Bufff, not is or where to start... How it can something 117 KB do this in this way? I must admit that I am a flawed online gaming and role playing, but I promise that it is very addictive. It does not lack anything and if it weren't for that is in a fixed-size window, would have almost nothing to envy titles as ultima online and other (eh!, I said almost, that we must not exaggerate...). I do not compare them, but it is inevitable to see that they are extremely similar. There are many servers free with hundreds of people, although at the moment most are foreigners. Too bad there is no sound... But it is all very well.

Mortal Machine

Mortal M: Please tell me how I can enter a Hispanic clan, write a: [email protected] Game seemed terrific, you have an incredible freedom and the graphics are not bad (but they can be improved), also I liked the fact that found clans of Hispanics, I haven't seen any yet, but I just found out here. It's nice to interact with American players but it is hard work, personally I prefer to play with Hispanics.

Organisando community of runscape in Spanish.: All those who are interested in said project write to my email [email protected], also never rejected a split of this game with someone ;) my nick is xifritx, add me to your friends in the game


IS MILK: This game is great! Very addictive, with good playability and graphics acceptable but I hope to improve them over time. It is a pity that it is in English and the majority of the players are Americans, but luckily there are many Hispanic clans

Reply: Hello. How could do weapons and armor? It is that you as the game is in English because I do not have no idea. I hope that respondais. Thank you.

This game is very good: This game is very good and if hooked as a bad thing because it is fun especially when you go wild to kill other juagdores with the character that you have trained. Me and a few friends have made a clan of Spanish-speaking. Anyone who wants to can come because we have more than 15 members. To enter the clan visit the page Or agregadme to me, the name is poe360 or the leader of the clan that is called spielhur


Of the best: This game is very weno at the beginning I did not like but then... I like a lot I'm already lvl 22 and have armor black


In English: Great game but in English and if in English little you can do porke ke everybody play this game is from England and usa ay told Spanish people that's a large failure by the others is a great game

Agasmos a community of Spanish-speaking in this game so pa to meet us...: As designs it the title, Agamas a community of Spanish-speaking with the support of all insurance it lograriamos quickly, my website is htt p :// users. Tripod. It is / alienstudio Have to put so because if the url is not displayed, I just hope visit my website, if you want to you play this game with me am very willing so to write and tell me what they want to put on the web and if you want to play with me to this jueguillo

Add me as a friend: Hoola am which was before asking how to make weapons and such... As now I have engachado much to the runescape assuredly, for which possible too that I anadais your friends, my name is choped


Espellcaster: This game is totally the law... Poor of the ke ke think runescape = disappointment is Ke has no brain to play a game a poko mas ke are accustomed to play advanced... I play it I am level 97 my name is espellcaster and I am a member =)

A clan: That one is assemble a web page so see if we founded a clan or something like that and step so that all say our exp on the game on the page so we learn more fast and have fun more

Really hooking: To mi never liked this kind of games, but given its small size anime I download it and try it. AND... Joooeee as it engages, seriously, hooked really, is quite entertaining, and despite its simplicity is very but very currado. And it's cool because it consumes no resources, and even if you have a crappy connection going to work very well.

Uffffffff q game seedy but engages: As truth if q we could do one d speaking aunq m workaround pretty well with the English to buy armor and weapons first must have money if you have any questions to get me through the game in 1 worl my nick is alfonspain

Damn help me me what e bajao and not is as plundering money pa buy weapons: Thank you leave another message and as not be q put pa 25 words pos aber if xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd

COOL GAME :-): So that nothing ke pa put my name I pa ke tb me agregueis name is altusake... Joer 25 words aver aver ja ja ja ja as vale wing

WindowS ErroR 582

It could be good or bad depending on what you're looking for.: Well my opinion on this game is: As role-playing game not highlights or flame the tension compared to other free. Because it would be absurd to compare it with the payment already then practically there is nothing good to say of the. And he says that it is the best game of the free probably the dira because not is to annoyed in buscar.como example will put the following which are free: Conquer online, planeshift, mu online, a3, rubies of eventide (East with free account and also of payment), terra world, another word, endless online, eternal lands, free word, maplestory and many more that I don't remember the names. Well the game graphically is not very good playability is normalita. That if the "world" in which the game takes place is large enough and has nothing to envy of other games. Luckily have managed to compensate for the "lack of graphics" since there are many professions and quest to make is a very entertaining game long and fun once get you the trukillo. That if the game it has ke ke makes it very good and novel is ke is a web game no ke bajarce any software to play it simply enter the Web registration and click "play game" Web games like this that takes place in "a graphical environment" in real time where you can move and do things with your character there are very few and is what makes a great game the runescape. And if it is true that provalemente the runescape is the best role playing game web no doubt but make it clear that what makes 'big' game is neither more nor less that it is a web. If the game was like the typical que te tienes ke download a client that weighed a lot already would be a game of the most evil there.

PuuuuFFF...: Well as the and returned to play and I continued looking like bad... Well not bad. Paddle malisimo depressing pesimo... Having people there is a role-playing game multy player of great quality ke is still in development is free and when finished continue to be free already ke is one of those (rare) free software called planeshift is very good... Ke defect has is ke like new still commits some mistakes and are not all races available (for now) visit website of the creators: Www. P l a n e s h i f t. It


Juas juas juas: The runesscape the tube for some time and I thought it was a game of the more terrible above all porke had not touristy but seeing the good reviews that you have of the and it seems there are more Hispanics who for some time again to give it a try I will download it


(runescape) = stupid: These games not deveria of existrir even if it is free... prefer to save and buy me a good game or if not download the knight that if is a game really... other runescape = disappointment

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Eudemons Online

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