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Rhythmbox is an audio player for GNOME which you can organize and listen to your music easily and iTunes-style.

Rhythmbox you can create playback lists, see the newly added songs and the most listened, filter the contents by group, disk and style, edit the tags of the songs, add covers of the albums, etc.

Rhythmbox not only plays music from your computer. Also supports podcasts and offers an extensive list of stations of radio online, as well as integration with Last.fm and Libre.fm to share your musical tastes and discover new groups.

Rhythmbox also offers music, such as Ubuntu One and Magnatune stores.

  • It supports various formats
  • Thumbnail mode
  • Online radio stations
  • Upgradeable with add-ins
  • Filtered by genre, group...
  • No video support
  • Little additional information

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Rhythmbox reviews


Excellent player and audio Manager: Rhythmbox is an excellent player and audio Manager allows you to manage your collection of music with ease, you can create playlists, search and sorting your issues, listening to radio over the internet, download podcasts, CD of audio from lists of reproduction, etc. Also allows you to download and install plugins that add more features. You can also search, previously listen and download albums from Magnatune (record label that distributes free music over the internet) and Jamendo (community created around the free music). Personally I'd like to that his appearance was more minimalist such as iTunes or Songbird.


Excellence in quality and performance...!: After checking the others players for Gnome, read: Songbird, Banshee, Exaile, cannot conclude without any doubt that this is the best of all players for the Gnome desktop, this analysis I did it according to the management of the music library that I have 18 GB, where there is Classifieds near 4200 songs and about 200 artists, notably that it handles the "cover" of each album inside this operation; also the functions of the plug-ins or extensions that is required for the proper use of the reproduction and display of the tracks; These plugins can be downloaded directly from the site of Rhythmbox in GNOME http: Those who need the same Equalizer from there You can select the plugin 10 Band Equalizer, which After being downloaded is installed under the following premises: 1 unzip the compressed and the plugins folders, copy directly to the directory: /.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins 2 in the event that the folder: /.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins does not exist, create it and copy the plugins there. 3. in the program go to menu: Edit - Add-ins and There configure this plugin. To sum up the best of the best in players for Linux GNOME desktops.


Excellent player: In my opinion is one but the best of gnome, or sisitemas linux audio players, organizes music collection easily, manages Ipod, Creative players, and you can add, as features with plugins (equializador, radio stations, radio stations, search recorder search for covers, lastFM, finally adecualo to your needs.)


Excellent: It is an excellent player, easy to use, good music on the radio, well the version I use is the good 0.13 graphics I've never had stability problems


Good organizer, missing equalizer: I think Rhythmbox is a very, very good organizer, but since it is very easy to find any track your music collection and they have very good characteristics of reproduction. Where failure I think is in the sound quality, lacks it an equalizer and effects of low. You can get a plugin for this, but I am not convinced as there is to restart the plugin or player to make it work. Another good feature is that it connects directly to jamendo music legal daily download.


Excellent: Excellent player and audio Manager, allows you to manage your collection of music with ease, you can create playlists, search and sort your themes, listen radio by internet, podcasts, record CD from lists of reproduction, etc. It is compatible with the ipod while on an experimental basis. On my computer I have installed ubuntu that, by default, does not come with the proprietary codecs (not free), which prevents listening formats like mp3, which, I recommend you install automatix (http://www.getautomatix.com/) is an application that will facilitate them to put all those codes which are very popular but are not free as mp3 audio and video.


Excellent new version: This new version 0.11.2 is one of the best updates to rhythmbox had ah, previously used banshee or listen, but with this update I have become to rhythmbox, that comes prehinstalada in ubuntu 7.10

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