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Next is the solution to those who can not wait to see the next version of Opera and are not content with the latest public Beta or stable version.

The development of an application process is not straightforward and goes through several phases: Alphas, Betas, Release Candidates, and snapshots occur until an Opera stable and error-free. To go through all these phases now accounts with Opera Next.

Next is a version of Opera which will be automatically updated with the latest version available in development. So you can try the news before anyone else.

Among the advantages of Opera Next is the fact that is independent of Opera. So you have installed two versions, stable and developing, without interfering with the one on the other.

  • Independent of your version of Opera stable
  • Automatic updates
  • Acceptable stability
  • Some instability

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Opera Next reviews


I am try it: I am to prove it by what I have read seems to be a great browser, I hope so.


It operates nex 17: It is a very good personalised I recommend and esperos k already change the engine


No doubt the super Opera: I'm really surprised with this NEXT OPERA...Extremely fast... I have tried all versions of Opera, version 15 is very good, but this version (OPERA NEXT 16) is super fast!


Excellent: It is very good guys will recommend it, quick and simple I love, it is also very easy to use... my note is a 10...


Great step forward to get to the level of Chrome and Firefox: Great change of opera enhanced loading, improved interface pleasant view, new manager of download speed type firefox.Big step adelnate of opera waiting for the change of the engine


before we talk about research and test yourself and compares not judge book x tada: Because to me yes I like the new opera just to look at the Task Manager it consumes few resources and is fast and I like your new interface for that before I felt it was rather outdated operates 13 years or perhaps more the believe tabs search in a single bar despite the fact that what happens is that fanboys of chrome there are bars had 2 do not offend but is the truth.




Excellent browser still alpha version: Well, I say that this browser is one of the best I've tried, longer than most comply with firefox, chrome, or the filthy internet explorer.Despite being a version alpha have been satisfied of its speed, stability and interface. I think that the creators of opera have batteries and no longer has the browser nasty errors than before I had.


So far, I see that it is very good: Sera, approximately 3 months, I'm using Opera. It does not have the Internet Explorer browser problems; so, I will keep trying. I like that it is no longer necessary to be loading the pages used previously. I recommend you try.


I do not understand because they use Internet Explorer, if Opera is the maximum.: It is the most super fast, friendly, very fasil of use, is the best without a doubt, I love him


The best of all: all the time was bucando Softonic a good Web browser! and till now this on browsers to e used comodo dragon quipzilla Maxthon Firefox comodoicedragon gogle chrome (the worst list) Safari Avant Browser RockMelt WinWeb Browser Deluxe Comet bird SRWare Iron 19.0.1100.0 K-Meleon 1.5.4 Pale Moon QtWeb 3.7.3 and asta eldy xD and this was the better browser than e tested! the opera version 12 is very bad load wrong the paginqaas hauque is fast Opera Next 12.50 Alpha is the best long life to opera I have a very slow uinternet cantv network and browser flies xD


I fix the problem I had with the buttons for web pages: Although an alpha release is always to be feared by stability as I found the way to have them without installing them I decided to try. The only rude error of version 11 on my computer was the compatibility in the pages, use, boot, and stability are the point strong, also comes with many tools of if auqnue add adswepper is not waste of time. This still possibly unstable alpha version already surpasses the first, the reason is simply that solves the error I had and why not I could navigate, nothing more annoying that do not register in one page as facebook or softonic that register button does not work, that has been forgotten, this version finally solves itnow enjoy!


It is the best browser: I highly recommend opera because it is very fast in navigation and stability, since I use much professional editing of pages or web domains and opera is my browser default... I recommend it



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