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RedHat, SuSe, and Debian already have it properly packaged in their distributions, the so-called Swiss army knife for networks, allowing you to easily open TCP or UDP network connections both to the creation of clients/servers as to test own design applications.

Netcat is known of all Linux users versed in networks, who use it for the emulation of services, to listen to a port in particular activity and identify the connections TCP and UDP, etc. Manageable from the command line, it can easily be integrated into scripts or other programs.

Many use it to debug code, but Netcat has a multitude of skills that allow you to create literally any type of connection, according to the needs of the user and without that it is necessary to know programming. It is ideal to manage their sockets, controlling at all times what passes through your network even allows us to emulate the Telnet Protocol and much more.

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BRUTAL!: The best network analysis program... This I could see some & quot; botnet & quot; that is a neighbor had installed in one machine giving you internet and jodia speed of descent and ascent... Really helped me in that part...

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Excellent connection utility.: This utility or small program is very good for all those who want to access a team either with reverseshell or with direct connection, eta utility distribution only telnet that avoid the user and SPSS. And it can even become a trojano.



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It connects two PCs as if they were on a LAN

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