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Nero Linux is the Linux of the popular CD/DVD burning tool version.

Nero Linux offers the same features and power to your Windows version. Thus, you can burn CD and DVD discs with data, music and video and delete them, as well as disc images in ISO, NRG, CUE, and IMG format and support new formats like Blu-Ray.

Nero Linux includes two versions. The first is intended for advanced users, being able to fully customize the recording and the disc features. The second, Express, is designed for any user, with a wizard that will guide you in the process of recording.

  • Easy to use
  • It supports most of the formats CD/DVD
  • Burn ISO, NRG, CUE, and IMG
  • Two versions: advanced and express
  • It has no video converter
  • It does not include disk image converter

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Nero Linux reviews


Alternative: If you work with formats ngr cue bin, and others that are not yet in free applications, nero is an alternative under use of license, you have to pay for using it. In linux I see no sense that goal a full suite with these two apps is sufficient enough. A video editor for the suite of nero on linux not rentaria nor the nero user since OpenShot has become a good video editor for linux. To what we were worth if you work with formats using nero.


It is good but still lacks: Reviewing the options offered by this version of NERO is somewhat disappointed because it was my favorite disc burner since he used it on WIndows. It turns out that in some audio editing works are added to the Wav files something called Cue Points or cut-off points, and when we record the wav on a disk we tell Nero that recognizes each Cue Point as a separate track and recorded Track by track but from a single file. Thing that saves much time and the disc sounds run and without pauses but changing tracks. This is very useful when we edit a concert or lecture. But two programs are required for this which creates the cue point and that record them (in this case Nero). So far have not found on Linux no option to do this and I thought that Nero Linux resolveria 50% of my problem but do not have the option to split the wav into cue points. Maybe later offer all the benefits of the Windows version, and if the free options do not offer the same advantages I'll be willing to pay for them since I don't have any problem with that. But meanwhile I think that K3B has nothing to ask Nero Linux and with the advantage of being free. However the user average rarely will need all these tools I describe by what the program as such is not bad, just that for me and other I like this rather limited but I'm glad that the move to Linux is given since that makes that existing applications are better every day more.


Hello: I think the program Brasero is quite superior.


Why pay?: Not the e tested, or annoying me. When working with Windows just wanted to record with CDBURNER XP had surplus, even liked rather than Nero. Now with Linux, Brasero is great, I admit, but I like K3B mas(opinion personal) which includes quite a few more options than Brazier. With Nero e pulled discs with bugs, Linux programs, three years later not and pulled not one only.


Neither proves it: I didn't in windows so that no molestare me to try, there are burning in linux programs do not say neither better nor worse, but they do what they have to do, record :)


kolg4do: My previous experience in Windows was that Nero was irreplaceable, when you change to Linux, I found two programs: K3b and Brasero; Thinking that I had to get used to, I chose the first one, but I found the Nero Linux version. Although his appearance was less showy that on Windows, it has the same power and ability to always. Its operation is simple and practical, easy even for beginners. And although I have K3b a magnificent program, Nero to conquered its place on my computer. Congratulations.

Bartholomew Roberts

It be worth paying over competitors such as K3B?: Obviously, after a considerable time only with Linux on my main PC, I have come to the conclusion, that the free fanaticism is not good. The development of software companies are within their rights to request economic compensation for their work, I do not think that it is incompatible with the philosophy of free software. Free software advocates the option of choice, and is precisely what we have. Thanks to God, the Linux users or other architectures such as BSD and Solaris have freedom of choice, even though users of free software, by payment applications or free with all of the law. To all who say that K3B gives problems, I invite you to well they configure their applications, since it is a big lie, took a long period of time with him and I have done the same as with Windows so famous Nero. It is welcome, but we have totally applications equally valid free. I think that Nero is confusing.


So you can not go by... radical life...: We will see if it is a clear thing, Linux is a free OS, with a free kernel (although on this already dabates) and a set of free tools, but that does not mean that everything that comes out for Linux to be free, and much less free... I am in favour of as many free software (and if I get freethousand times better), but that does not mean not to use proprietary software (to begin with, the games, both in PC and console) or the Opera as a browser, for me, hits a review of Firefox which sour me life... Ahead not you is putting a pistol in the head so that you pay if or if... that does the SGAE with music, not Ahead, your software... which do not want proprietary software that do not USE! No one forces you, pro let choice for anyone who wants to, or for who need them... by crap like this is why people like me is to fuck and have Windows installed to play commercial games, that with that mindset, never going out to Linux games that I would love to see on free platforms... Hopefully pussy! hopefully leave more proprietary software for Linux, without that slip free projects obviously... by the way, my (legal) Windows is packed with free software and some other freeware... but come on, most of which use Windows is free... so an is SO free or owner not conditions that the software that comes out for saying SO is that meet the same condition... which leaves everything in Linux, hopefully. and then we are all free to choose that you want to use. I put a 10 to balance it a little...

Don Artemio

Nero Linux: It another day I took the audacity to download it to view it to prove I'm very curious and I said: & quot; demons why not try it? & quot; And the truth that I regretted. It is not bad really is not bad for nothing but to be paying money having K3B, Gnomebacker, among other yours makes no sense. There is nothing special that you pull the seat when you say then WOWWW that marvel is! No, it has nothing of the other world. I don't pay those 17, € xx, and I do not see the sense of having it within Linux. Better that Nero Linux is becoming programs on the other side of the & quot; windows & quot;. And the worst thing even looks nice I like much more the K3B.


You have to be fair but not dumb...: We are going to see. Nero Linux is a program really well, because it shares almost the same characteristics as its namesake in windows, with what this entails, and that doesn't mean that the score that must be given to the program. However, in windows it may pay a price for having a program with these characteristics, but not in linux. With programs such as brasero and K3b above all, the truth is that not worth spending a € in a program of this type for linux.


Unnecessary: I have been a windows user for many years, and it learned that Nero was the best among all those who knew. Not only the most complete and simple (smart), also had a lot of useful applications if we want to version 8 complete. Now use GNU/linux and no doubt there are only alternative to Nero much better: Nero is proprietary and payment, although some say that it gives the same while crack it can or reinstall the demo. But is that the alternatives are not only free and free of charge, also are best in functionality: & quot;Brazier & quot; record and copy any cd/dvd/image in a simple and straightforward way. & quot;GnomeBraker & quot; and & quot;K3b & quot; (kde) do the same thing that Nero and even more. & quot; DeVeDe & quot; convert and burn your videos on CD/DVD so that they can be seen in conventional home players. and there are more programs, there just are who better know. And are used to more than meet the needs of any, even there are to deal with blueray and all... Conclusion: Nero becomes USELESS with free alternatives.


Nero in Ubuntu 9.04 100%: Want or not for me is the best burning software both for linux and windows, works perfectly unemployment which used tax records multicesion, copy DVD, data DVD, copy images, both gnomeBeker and brasero never e have tax discs multicesion, always marked me an error or I was allowed the unusable disk, they also still have several bugs. K3b never as used by that I don't like install prog of Kde that installed me many bookstores. In order to usare only for multicesion discs. I use ubuntu 9.04 and windows when I have no other alternative. Unfortunately many people who use linux have the idea that it is free which is completely wrong whatever free software does not say free, many people refuse to use private non-payable software, but I think that if we want that Gnu/Linux start to massively use we must support private software so that they also make versions for Linux and is a system more compatible. Talking about operating systems certainly linux surpasses windows, but in a matter of software, there are many more programs for black cherry, more stable and easier to use on linux and it is wonderful that all the programs that exist for windows were for linux so that if new users don't be afraid to change.


You can help but it is not necessary: Well the problem of linux is that it does not use proprietary formats, or good advantage but it happens that when we have an nrg image, we must convert it to iso and if this made with the latest nero because no it makes you well, total at the end I had to get off the program to burn it.


I've seen better: On the program, it not is neither more nor less than a clone of the well-known recording of the Windows platform software. This program, in my opinion, never been a God or anything like that, but if you can serve to make many things with disks recording. I, personally, prefer to use more specialized software in every thing, but everyone who do what they want. However, there are, especially in Linux, thousand and one alternative to a software of this type, and a thousand are free, so why pay it? The answer is as easy as: use the one you want, that is called free competition. Has developed this software a company, do cobra why? Yes would you put a gun on the head so that you use it (and pay)? Lol So don't complain that someone will develop for the platform that you are using, because that means that there is an interest in it. It is not for nothing, but if Ahead develop for Linux, it is because it thinks it can get chopped - if not not be he would strive - and that from my point of view is good.


Very confused.: I'm in accordance with & quot; tigreci & quot;. People are totally confused with the & quot; free software & quot;. FREEDOM that free is not the same. They are completely different things. Many should review the terms of License GPL etc, before you speak.


Pay for the wear and tear nero: having other much higher programmes such as k3b, brasero and but cdrecord level console, is nonsense & quot; throw & quot; money compando software for & quot; record & quot; CDs/dvds, etc.


h4ck3r?: how you have the nerve to make you call hacker, pathetic lick? you do not know nor pretend it with that loose stupidities. hacker said... I can't believe, above believe that he convinces someone using l33t. lose slag.


It is not a good idea.: When I saw the title I said: great, but when I see the price I realize that has no future in the linux world. On the one hand, the companies that use linux do it on servers mostly and there recorders are not installed and linux users come to this operating system for various reasons, but usually tend to be not having so many problems associated with Windows (virus, unexplained failures), to learn computer fixing the problems that arise, pouring hours and another very important pointnot pay for licenses or operating system programs and code are also free to continue advancing. Possibly Kb3 and Brazier are no better than Nero, but I will continue to do the effort to go the IDEA forward.


Is it necessary to have NERO?: Although Nero is one of the most popular and well-known programs paracrear copies of cd-dvd, data and more, also exercise that there are many other programs that although they do not have Nero advertising are equally good, such and the case of k3B and Brasero. Of course! It is free choice of any person to use such and which program, but if we continue in the l {line of Open Source believe that use a licensed program is not a good option. Thank you


With so and so good from which to choose... Nero step from you.: Actually Nero is a tool powerful and capable, although for my taste filled it with so many other applications that do not use that I ended up by passing it in Windows. I guess that Linux will be as good, but having great free and free programs I think: because I'm going to spend my money.


And so?: If nero provide a function more ke K3B, would think in komprarlo, but if the same sense would komprar ke do less or a program less kalidad one Ke besides being free is free?. Kreo ke there is nothing deskabellado the beds by software in Linux, always and kuando this is greater kalidad, stability and contribution ke ke functions are not possible in free software, I give an example kon games, I have since my Quake 1 Original korriendo in Linux, and the book by native korrer on Linux, the same kon UT saga (without kontar UT3)


Ignorance...: Good, excellent program. Now to criticize some, above because it is paid and not... Clear, if you create a program for the systems you want, your decide if charge ono, it is good that the big companies already are looking at through different eyes to linux, and is spectacular for those who use linux. Does now, with the attitude that will show, when we will have quality programs for our ubuntito? Aver begin arriving commercial games among other things. Remember if you use linux, you just mean that you are using a free software, but not everything has to be equal.


It has improved a lot: It has improved a lot with respect to the previous version of nero linux, I recommend it, it is as good as the windows version, the people who have used it in windows will not have almost any problem with this version since it is very similar, and ke matter to pay a few euros, is worth them.


The price gives us equal, but and the livertad?: I think on the one hand very well that introduce good software on Linux. We understand that it is just that earn money, we understand if not the GPL, but on the other hand we think, if it is not of code sustaining that run on Windows. I think I speak for all defenders of the free software Linux users. Although I personally understand that it has to be closed source. Worse for them we cannot help them and prefer to stay with our & quot; Brazier & quot;


And then piratais Cedega...: And by the way, then you go running and asking for here and there, only looking to see how to fuck pirateáis u I download Cedega to play... in the end...


because pay for a burner software in linux when you have it free?: This is because pay for software when you have applications completely free and free as it is k3b, brasero, gnomebaker serpentine and among others. Many of those who are coming from windows say whenever they fail to get to the applications there on Linux. but as they will be able to count and if take you a look for example brasero is very simple to use and also the features they bring are simple. My personal recommendation if you're a linux user without anyone take it wrong: is that experimentense with Linux applications and leave even side that miedillo and be... depending on all the time in windows applications in Linux can use virtually 100% of what you do in windows.

h4ck3r m41d3n

is very good: well I have finished read an opinion about this program q I do not agree with all first q clarify q SL is the best invention of history thanks to linus torvalds... and in particular this program has worked so well in GNU/Linux as in windows... truth is one of the best q q I have tried and I am loyal to this program by the ease and speed of engraving d musicvideos and data and backs up to.


Excellent!: Not because an application is not open source it will be bad, so the truth I do not understand the view of some here. Nero Linux is much more than K3B and Brassero together, as K3B gives problems permanently with the kde libraries in gnome, gives error recording, etc. Brassero goes well, but is incredibly slow, and even more so in the verification of data. Nero Linux can be paid, but it is better than other applications. That is of payment does not mean that it does not technically exceed other.


so it begins: the philosophy is: & quot;FREE & quot; so start to get into your system with a small program of evaluation that then have to pay to continue using, think that philosophy's other directions, as vibe put something supposedly free to let linux after being.


No, I think that not: Just not reach you the k3b, better they should get a version of Nero's free software and already then charge it, unless it ceases to be free, because it would be play chueco, because this program just not the weapon. Linux.tlatoanix.com stays with K3b


Too bad: Large software companies are unwilling to adapt to our philosophy. If linux is free software programs also. Nero is the windows recorder. For linux there are, for example, the Brazier.


Some of you fake soys Linux users: You do not know the true philosophy of the free software free software! = free (! = means different) The software could be perfectly free and then charge you for support for example K3b gives thousand laps, but now well I commented because there is someone that said that was a shit because I could not do such and Paschal, first to learn GNU/Linux and subsequently be able to criticize a software is like saying that windows is crap because the mouse does not work and the reality is that you don't know or install the corresponding driver K3b the only drawback which is that depending on the distribution for that install it (some automate it and others you have to configure it your) is that if k3b is not more than a front-end with some advanced features, but in reality below handles cdrecord (I do not remember now very well), i.e. you can do everything but it has to be properly configuredfor this in debian and ubuntu dependencies are pretty well built even with alternative packages.


A valid option: I don't think it is just that it demerite only nero quality program because of payment or does not include monstrous load of plug-ins which supports the windows version (God forbid!). On the contrary, should recognize the fact that ahead take into account users of linux (unlike many other developers) and will allow us to access a product that complies very well with its central mission, data recording.


It is the same: This program is very good, good at least to which we are accustomed to using nero, I mean neither noticed the change. Do not think in comparison to other programs, but in comparison to the usual nero for windows


It is not OpenSource: This program is not open source, I'll take my k3b is just as or more intuitive and fully opensource.


Nero-Shareware! By God...: Do not see any reason for good Linux users we use the most excellent k3b we migrate to a tool that is good, but... For use in guindows, because a program for linux which is not opensource definitely not worth it, it is a blunder of nero launch to the market with a proposal so depressing. K3b does the same as nero with high reliability, and is opensource.


K3B: For nero linux if there is k3b. On the other hand I download nero linux and at the time of install I asked a key, in that instant procedures to remove and throw away such a program. For something migrate to the gnu environment.


Lousy: If Windows fails, at least has many functions and is relatively easy to use, but this is extremely difficult to use, fails, has very few features, and you have to come looking for all your HD codecs, better use the k3b, not spent on this program.


For andypanda0...: Sure that your paid the €20, which costs version linux, or windows version 50 truth? Or rather the crackeaste eh piratilla? If you hard with the packages rpm, installed a debian or ubuntu or the synaptic package manager with which would solve you all of these problems. K3b power!


FEDORA: Hi, I am changing Microsoft ® windows ® to linux. The linux I have is fedora core 6 and I was wondering if nerolinux run on this operating system.


Nero Linux = Malware: Prefieor use k3b that is better to gigantic differences using a lousy writer, slow, unstable and mostly with errors when recording


Put a 0 to fellow Linux users nero: Wave all that program seems to me the worst feel of nero we are in guindows to implement a program that is worth money Best thing about linux is that the programs are free and if the nero believe that a Linux user would pay money for that program this very wrong nero go to follow with the fucking bill gates acerle nero that they pay you money We have the best program k3b and over free have to put things clear to nero we are not guindows or pay Put a 0 to this program if we admit this program that is not free will come other and end all the programs will be paid as in guindows Greetings to all fellow Linux users


K3b sucks: K3b stinks as much as others... It will not let me burn vcd or my photos as vcd... Want to download programs that lower and ask others, lower those of others and pideo other... Co...o.!!! I've already been 15 drops rpms and not to ask me more things... Viva ahead software! .. .lo install and that's it!



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