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MySQL is a multi-user database server. SQL is the language of databases most popular and standardized the world standard for the storage, update and access to information.

MySQL is an implementation of client/server that consists of a mysqld daemon and several programs clients and libraries. The main virtues of MySQL are its great speed, robustness and ease of use. Together with PostgreSQL, it is the very best thing in databases.

MySQL supports many different languages such as C, C++, Eiffel, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and TCL. You also have the option of password, which is flexible and secure protection. And now under the GPL!

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Good, nice and cheap...: I think it is a good solution today in day, as there is not to pay to get it... Its speed in querying is unique, and if Oracle acquired INNOBD technology of MySQL for something should be... Their progress has been more significant than even the same Oracle, and SQL Server... Still lacks much to go...


One of the best databases of the moment: First of all that the Lord is or whatever "poya brava and crazy" have no pajotera idea about the operation of this database. Before comment there to learn and investigate. Realize q engine mysql has had a few many years of development and when nobody gave a hard to put a database in mysql, now, as that is a very interesting solution thanks to a couple of changes that I'll mention them onwards. I think that this poya person whatever, is a fool of the boat that would not even have to say nothing, is known, or at least who reads and it bothers, since version 5.1 of mysql already incorporated triggers, stored procedures, and all that ass this fool says that it doesn't, so I recommend you to read a bitI have read manual from version 4.1 that was installed as a simple file in two, up to the 5.5 coming an autorun file (on windows of course..) and that already has almost everything a programmer needs, clear that Yes, triggers have certain limitations, if not I say no, but it does :-) I can tell you also that stored procedures leave ;-) Today is the 6.0 version, same as always installed at a time. 100% recommend to install it and try it. Mysql is a platform that is so flexible that it can be handled almost in any environment that has a minimum of Fame, is not exclusive of php, also can access with visual basic.net, java and many languages more, you only need a consumer's data and ready! Mysql is a really complex engine but easy management if is you take the hang, I can assure you that the maintenance of a database in mysql is of the more simple compared to any SQL Server and any oracle of course, by the way, I hate it... I schedule with mysql for more than one year, increasingly has me more astounded, first of all is that it takes a minute to settle thing, thing that the sqlserver 2005 pulls me an hour and a half total for nothing, because it does not do much different compared to the mysql. The first thing that has to do a programmer is whether technology used conforms to your needs, and mysql, conforms to my since, is free, supports tables of up to 50,000,000 records, relationships and everything, and is the host of fast, does not need almost resources and settles with just 40 megabytes on your hard disk. Moreover that for the amount of data and the complexity that have my b.d.d mysql is more than enough. If you need a b.d.d. Much more complex with hundreds of millions of records, not can assure them the use of mysql and this is optimal, there maybe we will have to opt for postgree or oracle if you are on windows :-( I programmed with visual basic.net 2005 and I use among other data consumers, 5.1 mysql .net connector and the connector, both free and are found in the official website of mysql. My personal recommendation is that they look at it, but that they look well, at first disappoints because perhaps seek a sqlserver with all integrated to the mysql must add packages or programs to make what you need.


sr zepolracso are you a specialist in security?: To say the first thing to do is, know... SR zepolracso, if you believe that an engine of bdd is unsafe, I guess you know some computer security. Also know that no engine in the world is shielded to intrusion from hackers. Or even oracle is saved from persistent attacks of a hacker, let's say medium, medium-high level. And if appropriate measures are not taken, even a child would be able to steal passwords to sqlserver2005 server. Only tell a small detail that you investigate: encryption using password hash, Exchange systems data between client/server using ssl, do not allow the input anonymous, do not allow anonymous users to create or delete data, etc, sql injection attacks, etc, etc. All systems, and in saying this, I am referring to the management of data systems, must be thoroughly prepared attacks of people who, well motivated by curiosity "hacker", either driven by money "cracker" are dedicated to getting into systems, view and manipulate sensitive information and do with it what you give them the win. Any engine or data storage system must be supervised by a specialist in computer security. If you, Mr zepolracso believe that I don't have enough "credibility" less you have to say, generic way as mysql, or any system, is unsafe. Absolutely any kind of system is not without fault, and which above all has to be done, both a programmer and a systems analyst, is aware that an attack by a hacker can undermine their systems if appropriate measures are not taken. SR zepolracso, let me who tell you one thing, if it generalizes the opinions, please be sure of what you say, because the generalists do not earn, only know out on the people who know what makes things specifically to cases. And if refers to whether a system or language is not suitable for a particular company profile, that is true, if you engaged in smelling ass companies, or better said, to customers. That case is not mine, that development form software "free" without the need for a customer to impose me what I should or not to do. If a client calls me to offer my services, I will do fashion, form, time and cost which I believe right, and will avoid those customers that, simply because of pay, are masters of the world of the software business, impose you absolutely everything you should do with a program created. That I call what I "do what says buana" You have to do your so a client hire your services? For example, since you, a Bank mentions it: changing language bdd engine, change the operating system, let your sister, give your car, let you sleep at home when customer mosquee with his missus... that more? I for one, step holerle the ass the put @ customer. My business is my business and the who likes to accept it and pay, if it does not accept it because that call to another, and if you don't pay because you do not call me more. I hunger not me I have died so far, so I have nothing to no one "except loans Bank clear". If you think is that by throwing a peo more big ass going to become something in life, are Super-Duper-wrong. Continue with that mentality as for example zepolracso, you see where to go. I what Yes would you recommend for a new user, he is doing its first programs in .net is the sqlserver2005, simply because it is more integrated in .net than any other. Oracle also is fairly integrated, but as microsoft sql, say that they have done it more. It is very easy to establish a connection between sqlserver and po example datagrid, and in addition to this, already is a stroke of clicks, editing data, updating and adding data. That MySQL costs a few days, and quite code made by hand "that if they use mysqlconector.net of course". In terms of the stability of the motor it is true that version 5 was quite unstable if you gave him much cane, but this has been fixed in version 6, now runs like a shot, I have a database with 1,500,000 records, and on a p4 2600 laptop from 4 years ago runs like a flying :-d It must also say that no engine is really 100% reliable since they are software created by humans, and therefore subject to failures, and believe so, in the worst conditions, all failure, to oracle, so that does not touch me noses sr zepolracso this with such drivel that mysql is not stable and other engine Yes, because it is not true. I guess you appreciate everything that is ecribe as comments, if it sufficiently critical, know a couple words, who knows and who understands but knows nothing. Chao I put a few websites that I am in the process of creation, one of them is d how personal loans companies removed houses to galore: Www.afines.info And this is my computer lock, now only I have been copying and pasting comments that I have added: Http://lacomunidad.elpais.com/informatica-en-general/posts


Databases: With an easy configuration it can be many things, has some bugs and instabilities but for the others perfect


IF YOU WANT FREE OPINION OF UNDERSTOOD PEOPLE COME!: As I am a little tired of goofiness with inexperienced users, in spite of not having any pajotera idea, they think and express themselves in a way as if you believe that you know everything... I've created my own lock. There can you see this and many programs, as well as computer user in general, so far, I stuck I just copy and paste everything I've posted at softonic, and since they are more than 14200 visits I have my opinions, with 110 votes positive and 9 negative, take this opportunity to post it and let others add things. I give the general link of the lock: Http://lacomunidad.elpais.com/informatica-en-general/archive See you there I've already decided to comment here, if I do that, rather it is to refer to the lock and the sites where I think, is a good information and guide. This is the website I am in process of creation: Www.afines.info It's about how Express multi-million dollar removed properties honored workers.


Of course it is scarce: Alexelprogramador, the truth is that he does not have much idea is you. Of course, that mysql has triggers, procedures, etc.. But what has the poya said no is that this isn't that, but it is not a database of very confident to say. Come on, that to be free is good, and to do your tb, but I gave a bank to put mysql, which is the best. You'll see soon sent you to take the ass. We are, and that casca a process from time to time... From the moment in which you said that you hate oracle, you've lost all your credibility. I recommend this database has all developers amateurs who want to make their first steps with a DB and enthusiasts of free applications (like I ;-)) but any professional programmer knows that you late or early, you will need to learn oracle.

Poya Brava y Loca

Scarce: Little stable. Few options of undo/rollback/archivelogs that serves a database without these options? Access gives the same performance, and that is very painful to call database. Even though its name indicates it, a database is not only in keeping data. It does not the soles of shoes of databases such as oracle or sql-server


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