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Similar in appearance and handling to the popular Nero running under Windows, K3b offers a serious alternative Linux counterparts as eroaster, gnometoaster, xcdroast / gcombust, since it gives us a much more friendly and intuitive interface, as well as an almost obvious ease of use.

Basicamante, K3b is only a front-end, i.e. a successful graphical interface based on always recording tools (cdrecord, cdrdao, mkisofs and cdparanoia), but with the advantage of presenting it all by hand. Special characteristics of K3b, allows you to burn data and audio on the fly CD, MP3 and OGG audio, or, conversely, rip CD audio, create VCD and SVCD, rip DVD to MPEG-4 AVI (requires the necessary codecs), erase CD-RW, burn ISO and CDRWIN CUE/BIN files, and much more.

To start a new recording with K3b, simply drag and copy the files to the projects window. Or both if you're a novice in the world of Linux as a real freaky, K3b proves to be an effective solution to many other options, unlike these K3b combines all the power of Linux with the comfort and ease of use of a tool like Nero.

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  • It supports most formats
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Recording of video discs
  • Excessive demand for dependencies

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K3b reviews


Achieved with large capacity total overcoming towards his adversaries: It is possibly one of the best recorders of physical disks that exists. With interesting features, great features and magnificent interface. Sycophantically stands out in terms of performance and is nimble even on low-end computers. Its large defect is being a bit forgotten by developers in contrast of its large community.


Very good, but...: It is a quite interesting and comprehensive programme. But I'm seeing that when data, although we choose compatibility Linux - Windows (in advanced options), when we opened the disc with Windows there are many folders wrong that they can even be read. Not is if it will be by the famous code ANSI which makes them incompatible. Or is there to be extremely careful that the folders or files do not contain the following characters: & quot;:,!,?, and any others which now escapes me...


Brasero is better: Okay but for me that approaching nero is braserom, it is more easy and this is in Spanish, which is a good choice.


problem with k3b (linux): This does not work. The win zip opens and tells me: error reading header after 0 posts. Aparcece files uncompressed blank screen. my pc problem, or that the file I download this blank, or passing?


Aid.: I downloaded the program k3b 2.0.0 and unzip it can not find an installer, a .exe or a setup; can anyone help me to know how to install the program? In advance I thank the attention I provided. Happy holidays. William.


Very useful program recommended: The program helped me very... I needed, I wanted to leave the console aside when creating my dvd's


That's great: That's great. On Ubuntu installs from repositories, up to date, a single failure or problems, nothing at all. Perfect.


With K3b you'll forget Nero: It has a simple interface, meets its mission well. For a novice it has no loss because it greatly facilitates the work at first glance.


Like nero but in linux: Perfectly usable. meets all functions such and as if it was nero for windows.


K3b 1.0.5: This program is one of the best, not compared to nero,... K3b 1.0.5 is an excellent program has all the utility and interface to use to your liking...Good with everything taste I recommend you to use and download this version...Graxias is going to be much......


K3b can't fail!: Excellent writer of CDs and DVDs that can't fail, works very well, this year I have recorded more than 500 CDs and DVDs with this program and none me has fallaod. Linux.tlatoanix.com recommends this program widely.


Lei which is very good: I have read that is very good, but despite having it downloaded on my computer, in my ignorance, I could not install it as not being compatible with window xp, so beware those who like me (beginners), when it comes to download programs that are compatible with your system, if you don't have experience find out before. Therefore I I abstain from votarporque really I have not used it, I am just giving a tip.


Better than nero?: Really want to know what is truly better than Nero and than any other program on the face of the Earth? Get ready: & quot;Movavi Videosuite & quot; Look for it, is the best I've seen, and say goodbye to Nero... forever!

The best Linux cd/dvd recorder: It is magnificent, it possesses all the qualities that we have always envied Nero in addition to many other things. Extremely easy to use, eye-pleasing (and more now that it has issues) and very well structured. A true gem.


Then came nero: It seems to me that in this version, problems with extensions and bad engraving cutting have passed, it seems that nero is it take to make your version on linux but it works well already the probe and do not fault I think that nero will need to do better to overcome to k3b I find it great and nice presentation


Excellent engraver CD/DVD: The truth that k3b is a great recorder of cd/dvd, with a very complete and intuitive interface, but a neat design. Without a doubt the best recorder for linux.


It is the best recorder: It is the best recorder... It exceeds by far to the nero versions 7 and 6. "Besides nero as dying... Ashampoo Windows is much better than nero" ---- Although it is only for kde... It is worth to have it


The best recording software for Linux: Simple to use, has everything you can possibly need, vamos q q has nothing envy q over nero is d payment and more slow.

Simply, the best: Best program for recording both cd and dvd for linux kernel-based operating systems. You can convert directly to .cda tracks from mp3, ogg, acc among others. You can burn iso images from file for bootable cds, has CD rw erase function. Also the interface is very friendly with suggestions for recording sounds that alert you of the end of the recording and an external progress bar. Installation sencillisima (under the family debian distros) from synaptic or with a simple "sudo apt-get install k3b" The very best I prefer it to nerolinux, more complicated and it is not free software


Better than nero: K3b is the best even I risk to say that it is better than nero burning rom in stability, ease of use, is a soft which does not so much stress in the chart as the nero only 7.lo I find you wrong is that I have a few problems burning vcd but lower me the soft DVD I burn vcd and dvd and use it as a complement to the k3b.

Quite acceptable: The program is pretty good, once you set it perfectly that leaves much to be desired. In addition, if you want to copy audio cds, most likely who asks some libraries that you'll have to look. Once installed well, is very easy and comfortable to handle, very similar to the windows nero.


How do I install it: I downloaded it and I have unzipped it but not be how to install? Can anyone help me?

Plum: I think it is a great program and very rula, but that very well also is very useful since you can burn both cd and dvd.


Total Linux: Uuuuuffffff is the shank is fast secure stable will give you forty feet to nero and what to get as in the stree faiter a perfec

The best thing in Front end recording: I think that only missing an editor of covers and an audio editor to be perfect, but as editor of audio there are many other alternatives, like for example audacity, and as editor of covers still haven't found any desente, the arson could be another alternative but I'll stick with k3b because the find yourself more friendly and intuitive than arson


The best, by far: I had to provide all the multimedia suites because none worked completely and k3b is the only one that has not failed me. Which one is able to tax 4 gb in 20 minutes?.

The best: To my taste the best. Easy to use, fast, comfortable... As they only say it lacks own an editor of covers and a few kosillas, but I think ke that is secondary.

This but very well: To record things more simple this cd writer but of course master recording in linux k3b for my best.


10,000 times better than nero 7: It is better than nero 7 is more stable and does not require many system resources is the best nero ready so you already you have a rival and for my going to win


Perfectly stable: Excellent program, very stable, never failed me a disc with it, does not need as many other linux administrative privileges is a lata.es which has more features which you have in linux and has no restrictions on file names or anything like that.


It has everything: Probably is the best program to burn cds/dvds, and also free!


Without a doubt the best: K3b is the best in terms of nero leaves x millions of centuries ago xd the only thing is that if it is in Spanish but in English as means equal xd


PETA to nero the best: This program peta to nero literarlemte The best without a doubt and over free


Evaluated: I believe that this program has to be improved in two respects:-ease of use - create perfect images of cd, dvd, and also that are more original

It's good but...: The truth esque the program itself is not very complete obstaprogramas as cd bake oven a few turns give it, nevertheless it is a good suit of recording



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