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Joomla! It is the original name of a management system (CMS), direct heir of Mambo content, that allows you to create and maintain a web page easily, at the time that you offer a wide variety of functions and services to your visitors.

Based on the powerful programming language PHP, Joomla! You can design from a personal web page to the corporate page of a company, with the possibility to manage and configure your home comfortably through a web interface.

You can publish news and content media, offer RSS feeds, publish surveys, as well as add or remove modules and extensions freely to suit your tastes and needs.

Thanks to the GNU license, Mambo has the backing of a broad community of programmers, designers, translators, and especially users who are improving it day by day.

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A wonder: Since 2008 I use Joomla as my CMS preferred and except once with the 1.5.9 was victim of a hacker. Then, and surely by the improvements in security developed by the Group of people who made it never gave me problems. It is docile, flexible, fast (if your host is good), clean, without silly whims, easy to install, easy to edit (if you go by how simple), a little more difficult if you have to prepare something more complete in short, a wonder.

Xavier Ocampos

THE BEST: With capital letters, as people are able to say that it has been outdated, is not a CMS that is in continuous evolution, which remains practical in all its facets, which can be used to manage a web portal, internal management systems, or a simple blog, flexible when designing their templates with a large community of users and thousands of completely free available extensionsin this respect far superior to its competitors as Drupal or Wordpress which would not qualify you as a competitor because the latter is limited only to the management of blogs, does not serve for the development of a business to give just an example page.


Downloaded and not seen!: I downloaded it and I could not open it. The package comes with everything, apache, PHP, MySQL, etc. But I can not open it!Does anyone have idea how to do it?


I like the majority of the CMS peroJoomla is special: I found with the almost by chance in January, 2007, recently had acquired my first web hosting and I had been a few months, empty, my page did not exist despite having studied HTML, is not very familiar with other language such as PHP, JavaScript and CSS, whenever he made sketches on my site ended up thinking of other things, browse to Commission the works to other developers but I charged too expensive for my budget, arrives to do a short course of PHP, but is worse than before, so a night of insonio I found on my server the & quot; scripts & quot; such a CMS mambo version 4.2, installing it only take a look already do not understand where to start on that then did not know or what was a CMS, I started to study a little matter to see its pros and cons and reviewing I found I had % of this and of all kinds, for portalsForum, image galleries, Blog, virtual store and stop counting, but left me with Joomla 1.5.2, to say so is the son of already old Mambo, because I chose Joomla?, by its more than 3,500 extensions, translation into the languages Spanish, hundreds of aid and community in my language, excellent free templates and payment sites, and by its pleasant graphic environmentIt is against, but there are too many good thing. now I not only have my own page websites, if I've not ridden a 35 web pages has friends, family and acquaintances if free of charge until I threw my work in February 2008 and I am now offering my services for Webmaster Joomla, with the experience acquired by making so many free web-based and all newspaper, stores, pages personal etcc. So really I say is very good and thank you has the I can support my family.


a better version: the truth is that I have downloaded joomla and working with it, in fact it is the best that could work, currently Jommla outdoes itself once with versions that recently implemented 1.5.12 and 1.6. Although still not have used these overcome some mistakes bringing This version, so I can say that to those who like to already be in the latest you can update...


So which you recommend..?: About Joomla I can not say much because by chance you get off me a video course from a torrent and everything you can do seems to me to be phenomenal with the...! So I hear what is a CMS or content manager. But I see that there are some who criticize this, so I think that if you criticize something for any program, you should mention another that is the alternative. So tell me, & quot;What CMS and why..?& quot;


Outdated and impractical: Maybe the Joomla was well in his time, but he has been very late. It is uncomfortable to use, but especially if you want to update content. It may be useful to distinguish pages, but not for a site fairly easy. It is slow, heavy, boring... And the worst: templates for the web site in several languages. If you want that your site is in several languages, do not use never this CMS, if you do not want to end up sunk in despair. Today there are other far more practical and easy to use CMS.


Excellent program: Little desire leave this program, is the ideal tool for those who are managed with web pages (creation, design, etc.), but can be a little difficult resusltar for beginners, in a short time already can handle it as a very useful tool as a webmaster.


Tutorial Joomla: Here's a manual: http://www.jonijnm.es/noticias/40-como-hacer-una-web-desde-cero-joomla-foro-chat/86-hacer-una-web-desde-cero-0-introduccion.html You can skip chapters 1, which are the creation of a host, upload the files via FTp, ect


How can I install quick php and all that: Wenas! I'm a beginner, but I need to install all of the databases. I commented that is with a software that could the fast and without having any knowledge on the subject. If they can provide you me please...Thank you!


Can someone help me: Have commented me that it is good, for it to download it, but I have no idea how to make it work, since there are download files php, html, etc. and can not find function that allows work veiw the program itself! Someone can help me, give something about step by step, recommend topics for tools to make web sites, etc. Agradecere their support. Thank you Miguel Ángel Viu


Bad bad: Truth vote that bad since more that lower tutorials and you I was moving not you understood jajajajajaja and supposedly chavo which recommended it said that very easy the NET not liking anything anything can't tell other coas that that (I plead bad pa this program) chido barrel go ahead


Very good: The CMS I've tried this is undoubtedly the best. Already ahy version integrates into Spanish, v 1.0.8 premium


Recommended 100%: Very good system of truth which surpasses expectations especially when searching the net you find utilities extras that are free of charge. That naturally has a certain degree of difficulty, but it is not obstacle that really put effort and do the tests and see until everything goes perfect. If you don't find any skin or template that you like you can download any that to look aesthetically good and simply enter to modify the code of the styles and ready and you have your own template. What I recommend to future users or those who want to start with this system is that you a look over your website that put a link to the page official Joomla in this way achieve that continues to grow this type of systems and free programs of excellent quality.


The best!: The best cms! You can do whatever it is, it is easy to use, easy to install, very intuitive and already available stable version. Although many of the components, modules and plugins not yet are supported by this new version, the community continues to grow and adapting. Whenever you want to create a site... You don't have to turn to other side.


Excellent CMS: It is one of the best cms I've used... Although this set to a field shopping lately can be left as one page completely professional. Website made with joomla: rhr.cl The only problem gives very good is that it has many things like templates and components to make it work completely. Security is very good, respects the attributes, configurable, etc... I recommend it and if you want to adapt a forum using simple machines (smf) board. If you want a blog only... This is not what you are looking for... It is much more


HM...: Well I see very good reviews but perhaps for what I wanted it not fulfilled. Fault language. But still and so is very full.


It is the best CMS I know: Unlike php-nuke, joomla has a big advantage... is light and easy to install in addition to the official page of joomla has a forum completely in Spanish. I recommend it


Very good: I am only 15 years old, and I think pages web very good presentation, and used programs like dreamweaver, but if you want to have everything very orderly and perfection you the recomiendo.segun magazine pc actual, qualify it with the highest score among his opponents like drupal, which is also very good


Help: Someone can pass me a tutorial to create a database for joomla From already thank you Ahh. I have installed php, apache, sql, and phpmyadim and functioning as localhost on pc


Very easy: The installation is easy, a bit more scomplejo and suna once installed but is not asustarse.y if you lower the version in Spanish is ma sfacil



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