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Flock is a web browser based on Google Chrome, very fast and that stands out to integrate social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and sites like Flickr and YouTube.

With Flock, you will have the same advantages of Chrome, such as the integrated translator, support for extensions and a fast and safe navigation.

But, in addition, Flock offers improvements, as the right side bar, from which you will have access to your Twitter/Facebook contacts messages. From there you can search for contacts or topics of interest and write your own statements.

  • Compatible with Chrome extensions
  • Integrates Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
  • Sidebar to view recent messages
  • It does not address other social networks

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Flock reviews


Excellent social networking integration: It is true is equal q q the google chrome and flock 2.3 is equal q firefox but they do not seem therefore only in its components. This version of the browser has various processes such as the chrome and better integrate d social networks per I prefer flock 2.3 is more rapid in Spanish. Also consumes a bit more ram memory q q x, chrome has (according to your anministrador d tasks) for facebook, twitter, etc. but in the end markets remains very good with social networks


Bad news: Following the figure at flock.com: "support for the browsers flock will be interrupted as of April 26, 2011. We'd like to thank our loyal users around the world for their support, and we encourage the flock community to emigrate in the next few weeks one of the web browsers listed below." (chrome and firefox).


Incredible!: This browser, in addition to being easy to use is really excellent, lets you use a system to connect on social networks (YouTube, Twitter...), and not only that, it also has several function similar to the one in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox, highly recommended for everyone, although I would prefer not to configure it as the default, (I have 4 browsers) because sometimes is necessary for some domains.


Fast: Impresinantemente fast, I have been anodadado with all applications for firefox.no has problems with images or videos, also has features extras for communities such as facebook, Twitter and etc incorporated beforehand.


This the 3.5 version looks like the Chrome: I do not like is new version is a copy of the chrome, with some additives (dns) but not what it towards different from others, I had to uninstall it and continue with version 2.6.1. It is a pity, if so I will have to opt for another browser.


Very good: I use this browser, although it is not my default, I find it more useful than the others since its functions are to my necessary (social networks, image servers, accounts of blog, count on youtube, yahoo, etc) are within reach of a click. Easily can be used some current plug-ins and those who are not so Firefox, the memory consumption is similar, however so far I have had no problems or errors with it.


Excellent for working with images!: In other aspects and taking into account that is based on firefox not notice you the difference with the first, but, when it comes to navigate by pages / forums galleries of images the improvement over others is impressive. I've tried it on four computers with different configurations and the result is the same, to work with galleries of images, this is the best browser. I.e or firefox itself the burden of this kind of websites was much more slow and heavy, in session long even the browser, or connection, or whatever it is saturated and failed to show the thumbnails. With flock, at least to me this already not it happens to me, the truth is that I am thrilled to have it tested. PS: another advantage that I see is that it is compatible with almost all the complements of his cousin Brother mozilla firefox (maybe some release any error message during installation, but they tend to work equally).


Robinson ™: It is a very good browser, she thought that it would be so great. I recommend it.


Good alternative: It is very good, I liked a lot, but after installing it I have noticed some slowness in the normal use of the system in general.


Excellent browser: Today day almost every browser alert you when you have e-mail, but flock allows you to view recipients of messages without opening the mail program, is excellent for viewing videos, incorporates the latest version of flash, as I move through various social networks I've converted it in default by the facilities that gives me, even includes a blog editor, you ought to try it


Pretty good: It's a browser more than all aimed at those we count on several social networks, also owns the ulima installed flash version which makes it more complete. In a matter of appearance leaves a little to decear, but the rest is excellent


Excellent!: Excellent and this version 2.5 I can only hope to come out already in Spanish. =)


Good alternative: It is a good program because I just try it and really agile so I recommend it because that is in several languages according to our needs


It will never replace NETSCAPE: A slow, consuming resources and browser that is stable (for pc with plenty of RAM), salvageable only lu are the interface and plugins


Functional.: It is a good browser, is quite fast and efficient, I hope to continue in that direction and improve its performance, because there are occasions that frisa is on display.


Note that it is a preview: It has too many problems, that is fast if but some pages not shooting, I tried to install the shockwave and can not. The truth is that he feels that it is a preview because it still has many bugs, but for start is not bad at all.


It is translated to the Spanish.: To the different idimomas download links: http://www.flock.com/download/versions, please read the release notes instead of saying so many inconsistencies. Reading is healthy and advisable, not everything in life is to settle things to "dumb and blind" then rant against a program unjustifiably. If I tomorrow take a plane, not leo piloting conditions and use, if I crash I can not say that the plane is bad, the reckless me for not reading.


You missed a detail in the information...: ... And it is the ability to be able to post to your blog directly from the browser, without entering your page properly. You can even copy a text from internet (only internet) and stick it to you in a post where also introduces the place where you got it.


Take God as well: I'm testing this in firefox i is better than the same firefox based browser. Very fast very light i A wonder


Locked me everything: Not you but I do not open pages also consumes many ram


Hold that this Flock that comes with force!: This browser is very good, since the first time they use it I said myself with this I am, since I impressed me with his speed, obviously still not having wanted many innovciones and advances by far to the mozilla, but at least it runs more quickly and is more accurate, and I think that most speed interested in your navigationat least meets its function.


Excellent: For being a "developer previw" this very achieved, this browser is going to be an option in future versions to consider seriously, and more still when you leave in Spanish that surely coming out or that hope, lol, very stable and very but very fast.


Not bad to start: This browser is very nice, fast, comfortable and has some functions the same as firefox. Although it is a preview already manage to surprise everyone in its design and speed. I hope that in the future East in Spanish and have more functions than firefox and opera. Not bad for a start.

Very fast: I use firefox and this is based on it but is quite faster, it has many functions, but is still in test phases and some that another page is atsaca, and is still not in Spanish. Maybe when there is a stable and in Spanish version change firefox for this.


Great browser and very fast.: I've tried other browsers type mozilla, opera, netscape, etc and this is much more rapid and precise than the already mentioned... In short, I recommend everything and be in evidence for its stability.


For leandro: A year ago when using it, I send emails creators who very kindly responded me, with multiple shortcomings of this browser and incompativilidades thousand pages... as you say very well and comapras to gmail, which also had many "bugs"...will now be hard, as you say...but beta is no good...


Good, nice and very useful (V. 0.7.1): This browser is perfect for new services offered by websites, accommodation, photos, blogs, news, etc. Compatible with much of firefox extensions, missing only that already leaves the final version.


:-o: I think the same as dark. . Ajaj. . It has more than one year this browser and is still beta. .

[Dark IST]

Beta: When will get the final version?


Question: I would like to know if all the extensions for firefox are compatible with this browser since not only firefox tabs settings make it very functional but all the extensions that possesses.

[Dark IST]

Nu: But the problem with flock still not get the Spanish version


Flock: It seems to me quick To complete the missing an option of different language translation as avant brouser


Flock browser-illusion: Simply comment on it to come out the beta version of this promising browser


For Dostoyevsky: Gmail Lee three years that is beta and that does not mean that is the best service of web mail, the same happen with flock

Shadow Dream

For Dostoyevsky: How much ignorance by God. From where pushing out to a beta thing is bad? For your information, a program in beta status means that it is in tests, is said to make people use it and report possible errors which may be found, in addition to the creators themselves also are dedicated to search for errors. When you no longer beta, developers already do not seek errors, only are dedicated to improve the program and to fix the bugs reported by users. So a beta program does not have to be bad if errors are not found. At times, when a program is no longer beta is exactly the same thing when it was beta, therefore found no errors; or them were all still in its beta phase, and when not found but they passed it to final version. Moreover, most programs, even when its final version, will still find errors and have to get another version to fix them. I'm arto of that people say it seems instead of exposing as it is reality.


Good, but needs to Polish a few things: The program itself is very good and functional and more now that they have incorporated the import of bookmarks; home page and history from firefox, which in previous versions could not be since you installed the "naked" browser. Its great weakness is the management of bookmarks, I want to say that there is no possibility to access the bookmarks through a sidebar like firefox or opera, which implies to not provide access to your bookmarks since it should be opening the top drop-down menu to access them. A great idea is the display as a web page type news our news type xml links google; atom;...



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