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Firefox 3.6 is already among us. We have a web browser renovated inside, outside changes are, as usual, very subtle

Even so, Firefox 3.6 has built-in addon persons, with which you can customize the browser instantly with "themes".

Plugins are one of the most important browsers stability problems. In this respect, Firefox 3.6 alerts you when a plugin is too outdated.

Other improvements are more aimed to support new technologies such as native support for video in fullscreen or format WOFF fonts, as well as the best rendering of CSS, DOM and HTML5.

Performance in general, both response time and boot time has undergone improvements, especially noteworthy being the best Javascript performance.

  • Private browsing mode that does not leave traces
  • Thousands of available extensions
  • Very practical Download Manager
  • Alerts on dangerous sites
  • Some of the extensions are not supported
  • It still consumes resources in excess

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Firefox reviews


Excellent: Firefox is a multifunctional Web browser which has everything for efficient navigation. Although I have not always default browser as it is me useful, when I am looking for some specific things. I always recommend using this browser invaluable.

Bill Russell

Firefox, a soporific browser: Firefox on Windows and Mac is an excellent web browser, the best thing, however in GNU/Linux history changes radically. Firefox on the system of the GNU and the Penguin is shown as a slow and often not loading pages, besides that it shows that the development of the browser has been stagnant years, have even changed the interface in version 3, we continue with the same skin than in the version 2. Another example of carelessness is that in version 4, we will be the only system that will not have 3D acceleration, a garrafal bug which makes it clear that users of GNU/Linux to the Mozilla Foundation to import a pepper. I prefer Opera, a browser that it is proprietary software unless treated much better users of GNU/Linux apart that if have CONSGUIDO use 3D acceleration.


Firefox better each day: Par excellence of the opensource browser surprises us with an improved version. More speed (say that up to 20% more) and the new 'people' that make it really attractive option. No doubt a strong competitor to IE

J\'s Ubumac el HackJ\'s

The best (but not the only): It is good but they need to update it here, I have Ubuntu 9.10, and as we already know that it comes preloaded, with Firefox 3.5.7 version; This here is 3.0.5, it is better that those of Mozilla make *.deb file to install it. well I say goodbye


I liked this new release: The difference between the 3.5 with the 3.6 is incredible... Integration with & quot;People & quot; , lsa tabs are more girls, the navigation bar see it more modern, has even glow!... Every day this browser is becoming perfect... and the best thing is that their license is free... that gives good things, sail well... is this browser


Flash is not going: Both Youtube and Cálico electrónico (as many websites more), don't play the videos. At least in Ubuntu. Opera is luxury.

It is simply still the best: Better and is improving and will continue to be the King of browsers for many years more and I will not leave for another


One of the best: It is one of the best browsers works very well too fast can configure it to your liking works very well with tosas pages the best aunk chrome is also very well and it is on the same track to firefox


Firefox is out: I love this browser before had opera but when installing it myself and lost 2 months with opera because speed, performance, appearance, themes are much better at this.


I confirm it once again...Excellent browser: Mozila Firefox 3.0.11 is my default browser, and although I have tried others, curious image to see their performance, do not change the Mozila Firefox because it is fast, load easily, now with intuitive search, I can customize it and me not complicated for nothing and navigation in my case, is pleasant.


me with the explorer: without a doubt, the explorer, is the old man, for the today, but is still, easy to use and understandable...


A major step in the free browser par excellence: Although it seemed that Firefox could only improve performance, drastically reducing the consumption of memory and resources, not only has passed this test amply, but its new version, 3.0, still in testing phase, but surprisingly stable, it has improved its usability, including, among other innovations, better management in the face of the user's plugins and a better suggestion of addresses as you begin to type in the address to which they go.


Eggs have mozilla not out as. deb...: I can not install so... Are not able to publish it in .deb file, which is what we use most linux users... Finally


The best: Without a doubt the best browser, you can install themes, plug-ins, and much more


The best!: The truth that firefox 3.0.1, is a mass. There are other browsers but not improve anything, now with the new version of firefox is another thing.


Excellent browser: After having tested all, or, ocasi all browsers, I'm definitely with Mozilla Firefox, which constitutes an essential tool for navigation on the Web. Mozillla Firefox latest version is the best so far you can customize, in particular I have it & quot; tunniado & quot; downloaded, of course from Softonic Noia theme. Appearance is great, it makes me feel comfortable puies view is nice. Not change Mozilla Firefox. It's simple.


THE browser of the free community: Not to say that it is free why although it cost a couple of dollars it would happy pay is the better browser know good fast and GRATISSSS. Gives it turns and turns to the silly internet turns you to explore and it is available to all. I have no more to say only that I recommend it and it is very good and easy to use with good interface several plug-ins and many pray features that I'm still discovering.


Very good: It is excellent I recommend is navigates to double that of internet explorer and is much more versatile than good browser


Great, but can still improve: This version improves further the better browser seen so far, improves appearance, speed, functions leading to firefox 3 as a software product according to the times that run


Very good browser: Firefox 3.0.4 offers good advantages compared to other browsers. Seems to me extraordinary ability that has to incorporate new features, languages or services through units that extend a lot the performance of the browser and allow you to transform it in virtually in a multifunctional Swiss army knife. An example: I l've added Download Helper to Firefox 3.0.4, in a very simple way and I can automatically download videos, for example from Youtube with a single click or transform into another format. Perhaps all where would be a good improvement is in the agility of the browser. Something heavy it sometimes feels

el manatian

Mozilla firefox: It is an Internet very fast, smart, by to which an intenet don't have it, themes, plugins, extensions, and obtaining add-ins that mozilla firefox that much grace by aecr iso the best Internet of the lot and that meas is uas.

jhesua 48

Jhesua user: Mozilla firefox 3.0 beta is very good but lacks to compete with windows explore 7 (but good) chao ammigos


The very best and most configurable!: Do not use another browser that is mozilla firefox, not only because I quite like the idea of free programs, but for its versatility and adaptability to configure. Both the interface and extensions. I have the issue of ie 7.0 and works perfect and fast and... Good, excellent. Congratulations to the mozilla project people!


For jpol: There is a very good adaptation of firefox called swiftfox, if you want an installation guide look at this link: http://www.mozillaes.org/foros/viewtopic.php?T=18030 if you're not interested the guide is equally valid by changing the name of the corresponding file (the swiftfox by the firefox)


One of the best internet browsers.: Good browser internet.es that I use from makes some recommended % anos.100


Good: It is a very good browser, it has everything you need to navigate comfortably, although many resources.


Maravillosa, però per a install on Ubuntu...: L' I baixat, i fet aconsegueixo than rutlli, pero suposo that per a correct installation haure d' expect els paquets .deb or estigui available update to the base of programes from synaptic. Per als which is trobin com jo, podeu anar des console directory estigui uncompressed on the firefox i escriure:. / Firefox Aleshores s 'executa, pero no s' install (almenys això is that hem sembla to passa). Per tot the altre, perfecte to tots els defects.


Further, the best...: It has great simplicity and dynamism, very bersatil. Install in the view and yields much more than the explorer, also with the inclusion of the google toolbar increases your bersatilidad. It is to recommend to everyone. Go ahead.


The best: Is without a doubt the best browser currently and the 2nd mas rapido (apple safari is the most fast). It is highly configurable and you can do many things that other browsers can't do


THE best: One of the best browsers in the world, is very fast and customizable with its extensions, it popups blocker One of the best


Impossible to leave it if you haven't tried it: That I can add to what already has been said before in this same page and many others This browser combines speed, stability, security, efficiency, portability, is free and adapts to your taste

Black Garin

Mozilla firefox, a step into the future: This is one of the best browsers, but sticks and does not have sufficient stability, well I'm not very aportivo to say, but this is not the best, according to my opinion, the normal mozilla has more stability than this risky ien browser b.


Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Beta 1: Mozilla firefox: is the King of the browsers, in all aspects!



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The social browser for those addicted to blogs

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Català 18.0.1

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Evolving web browsing with Mozilla Firefox

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Try Firefox optimized for multiple processors

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Speed and stability to surf the Web

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Evolving web browsing with Mozilla Firefox

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