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DOFUS is a curious game of multiplayer MMORPG with a unique feature: be designed and programmed entirely in Flash, with all the details of the genre.

Just start, accounts with eleven different character classes from which to choose yours. A name, a touch of customization by choosing gender and colors and you're ready to get into action.

DOFUS has various adventures and missions you have to complete as you explore its immersive fantasy world: a virtual universe decorated with great detail and full of characters of the game, merchants who trade and, of course, dozens of players from around the world to interact.

In addition to look nice and well kept graphics, the game promises hours of entertainment which will enjoy all the fans of the gender role.

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It is a game that encourages discrimination players.: It is a game that encourages discrimination to all players including many minors. Ankama company game censorship all criticisms in his Forum online and sanctioned and exclude any player who does not support his tendency to discriminate. The game is performing updates that only ventajan corrupt players in the eyes of the other players and with total impunity.


Amazing Dofus: Extremely addictive, what I played for more than 5 years and the truth I cost much leave you know so many people do mission extremely difficult but equally fun, experience new methods of game design strategies both for pvp as pvm (person against person person against mobs), create new objects, get the Dofus, produce your own equipment and armament, cross dungeons, etc etc etc.The truth a game too good but care may cause extreme addiction that even up to not dormiras in order to feed your pets.


of the million will be this game: I like and is super good quality of images and the rough world where will interact is very divesrso and many funciiones the worlds that have


Great, the only game that...: Me to trapped for more than 3 years, if 3 years!. A world too vast, and that day is updated, and with a very good community, and an unsurpassed, and highly interactive administration with users:), that was what I caught.


Very entertaining and addicting: they are now 14 kinds, and images of the game do not correspond to the current, now of this super enhanced. Play with caution, can cause a serious addiction: P

jhonatan nicolas arias

The dofus maluko: Esque manure is the maluko if one does not have manure can't go to bonta or brakmar or leveled by todaas those parts etc etc.


play in rosal: There are many people who speak Spanish and this cool in rosal and porfa help me that sell me codes in dofus am donjohn niv69 or maschitacion niv67


the dofus 2.0 maluko: thats pelle 2.0 I think k is very child that is crazy, as you want to 1.29 boten 1.29 is more publcida to change 2.0 have gotten more than 2,000 players because of dofus 2.0 is pelle... understand mK

sebas la sonbra

porq lo leave it as estava canbiaron if : 1 dofus 1.29 is the mejord if 2 2.0 is horrible please leave it as estava 3 2.0 is very slow 4 deq serves something so nice if slow 5es something so ugly it slow whether or not rather like my mother says whether or not do something do it bn if graxx porfa arrenglenlo has am veno-ty

ustedes si molestan!

DOFUS is the vrg!: Thereupon m refer to q bacano is to the point q are level 40 onwards; porq need to sign up and there you lose silver I would say q too much and that do not vale.deberian free or lower the price of manure! You know that? Better not to play it, I tell you q m envicie and m paid as 4 times but I accept q was great.


Abuse of unfair ban: I put in knowledge of all, that in this game they are exposed to the abusibo ban (cancel you the enter the game) to break the rules as the moderators of the game was invented. I could not find in its rules written, no explanation of why me They sanctioned three days of my subscription. (it is not anything cheap). I would like to know if this abuse is reportable.


q crap game: I yegue hata lvl 63 and I liked q yego to the emigration of the server for the other felt a Moravia and hate porso believe q that game this bn but they are clearly not the q suffered by the March of dofus beta (1.29) don't mind them an ass

jose gta

DOFUS STILL THAT THE DENIAL IS BAD: DOFUS that I can not deny it is still a good game, but I resent the fact that forward from lvl 20 (level 20) you have to pay you. Even that manure is cheap (in my country) I think that it should not be so all areas to raise LVL (level) are for subscribers... I know people who gets too much money to this game because if you are not paid you're not anyone. I played DOFUS but I left for many reasons the 2.0 is very bad and spent all my money on that game and almost all my friends left him for the same reason.


Maybe even a point: The game is very good until you get to the point of payment they are interested much in the fertilizer because it is the lifeline of them but because not more low the price of manure also qreo which is because them in recent months have created many games as: sand, wafu, and many more and they have to get money to pay for the game creators alos


EXCELLENT GAME: Since 2004, I have seen how it has been evolving the interface and complexity of this excellent game. I started from the French Test Beta, today I use as main server RUSHU International (English-Spanish). Its another environment is extremely fun and realistic. This massively multiplayer role-playing online game is halfway between video game and interactive animated drawing, proposes a new concept of game online. Their inspiration graphics manga, its tactical gameplay and its groundbreaking humor gives it a particular place among the other MMORPG. It seduces usually experienced players thanks to its combat system for an MMORPG where the strategy is crucial. But it is also important to casual gamers due to its great accessibility. A surprising and funny, universe with some very colorful 2D graphics and humorous legends, Dofus is a game outside the rules. A unique for a massively multiplayer game (PvP - PvM) gameplay. Associating hundreds of possible combinations to random variables, the tactical combat system provides an undeniable interest to the MMORPG genre. A multitude of features. Through numerous searches, the possibilities of fighting, different trades that can exert, the regions to explore, the mercantile system, guilds, pet and other many elements, Dofus proposes a wide range of possibilities of MMORPG players. Rather than be a persistent universe, Dofus is a universe in perpetual evolution. Often, new products are added: since new monsters to confront the integration of new whole regions, through the introduction of new features. It is an online game accessible from anywhere, you can play Dofus with Windows ®, Mac ® or Linux, on very basic computer configurations and you don't need to save items since the action takes place online. For this reason it is possible to play at home, in school, in the office, in an Internet café, etc. Finally, despite the wealth of its features and its contents, it is suffering not present in the other downloadable MMORPG greater inconvenience since it is the 100th.

Fertilizer dofus.: Personally I think that the price of fertilisers, is a little high, if them come down a little, most people are would be aboanadas, which ganarias more.


Addict: Despite the fact that this game is very good, because I had to get away from it, this game is pretty addictive, so if they are to play they have time for their families. My pj is izual-night lvl 199 server of soul.


It is very good: It is a very good entertaining game and strategy is also very full all all all but all you have use cualkier resource or object but slows it demasiano manure coming to the lvl 57 an IOP of brakmar Server aguiabrial and bought the codes of fertilizers to the Member of my Guild but once I went on vacation and when I went back not could enter the game already had ke asware Ke be paid! then one began to buy fertilizers through the balance of my phone but it spent significant money oara other thing and why stop playing ay walks my players grabbing anything xD not only had one had 5 players on the server the more under 34 and with perfect sets of Gobball Gobball rean kwar Earth and fire I had 4 dora and muxas things and muxisimo Kamas!


It is very good game: It is very good game because k is entertaining in all i all this mui well echo, bad k k you have paid i spend money that no mola lla k if you are not paid you can not Asher practically nothing


Yoo.: game dofus ase as 1 month i complicates me much this if not porke avonado cannot be aser muchoo and you can not fight out of asturb... my player in dofus is called miater i my name is flamadark...


excellent: I love I am absorbed in the even that I've not paid I think to do so as soon as possible


It is good: A very strange game, I liked in a home even though it has many vip areas, the bad thing is playing with the mouse and not be able to use the keys but I liked that type flash makes it lightweight.


DOFUS 2.0: I think that fertilizers should be more cheap as well us abonariamos more than followed and ankama ganarian more money


abandonment: should lower the prices so abandonarsen all more easily and q is more fun the game aaaa! If there is another similar game let me know please I like this type of games grasias


the game is very well done peroo...: the game is very well done but the graph is a little bad made and also the dialogues but the game is very entertaining


DOFUS 2.0: The new version of dofus 2.0 is a new version that has revolutionized its producer of amakna Games time, this to led people to play a game online with a coviando adventure dofus this game you has transportations classified to a no.1 in online, the game play consists of climbing to a Nvl.200 level and find the dofus dragon ´huevos' this is a great game that was accessible to siu accesividad since 2004 of This game.


The stupid paid to be at a level more high: I think about dofus that part I don't like that ay who subscribe, that is not just that one Berry at a high level and have to be paid and one does not have silver, me parese ago stupid


It helps the Ocras: I am really very disappointed by the ocras and Special by the Earth-critics, really feel that they are a few that do not meet the expectations, pj by the less during the first 50 standards, say this for own experience I have a pejota with 280 of force and a set of 35 + 6 critical and really me ah given pena, eh removed 9, 7, in more than one shift and that is descepcionante. If I can not deny the happiness of a good critic of 350 or more but they are not common, and most of the time I see as other lower lvl pj I go above, a simple tree It makes the difference in power or not to attack, do not have invocations, they very seldom remove PA and or shows of a vitality or regeneration, really believe that Dofus should help the characteristics of this beautiful but desequilibrrada race. Thank you.


It is good: The dofus is a fascinating and entertaining the only problem is that alos others is so difficult organisarse to take attitudes of rest there is no problem but the prinsipio is a little ugly thing of the fertiliser that exceeds most bn want to found a Guild and not have kamas so that if someone knows how to remove kamas more fast porfa ayudenme. To and if anyone knows about games similar to the dofus diganmelos porfa...


It is not my type: It is a very rare game i difficult compared to other role-playing games online, apart that is for pcs with limited capacity, although this ' bine have so many servers i this translated into Spanish, I am not convinced. Prefeiero games like silkroad (L)


This game is worth shit: It is a childish game and for children 5 years maximum, besides their dreadful graphic and q have q pay for when there are many free mmorpg in 3d and with good graphics and style.


It is the best and the payment is not a problem: I've been playing for three months, it is the best MMORPG I played, and although at first uncomfortable me it paid, with our Guild made a plan and we now support between all to get the manure and strengthen the Guild with good players, if you are interested in this information, you the delivery, requirement be lover of DOFUS


engages in the beginning: the truth is that you download this game to play with my friends, but little by little I was engaging in the game. later, when you reach level 44 comes to the conclusion that if you not paid the subscription game is left a little short. at the beginning hook, but if you do not want to spend money soon you bored of its repetitive combat and missions gratuuitas shortage. in spite of this, it's fun at first, and if you like this kind of game you be spent many hours


DOFUS is very entertaining: It is an online role-playing game.You can make many friends. Level height that can be reached is the 200(ahun nadie lo ha alcanzado) level. Now dofus Hispania (the name that gets you to the Spanish community) is composed of two servers Alma(el primero) i Aguabrial (estreneado earlier this year), ara a new temporary server which will be used to make an event, the bhuordador, for more information about this event go here http://www.dofus.com/es/mmorpg-juego/en-busca-del-buhorado.html. In the game to level up have to defeat creatures, when level will get-sebas points features are used on the criterion you have about if has to increase strength, intelligence, vitality, wisdom, luck or agility.In summary is very entertaining i was that know what haras.


It is worth paying.: the first lvl are not very striking, since you don't have weapons and powers have a time limit for combat, when you arrive even lvl 20 you become more strong and more spell in combat points, know people from all over the world, when you pay get pets, weapons strange and Guild or clan. There the game yourself absorbed completely, is very interesting and competitive that you can choose to be angel or demon? I've been 3 months and I'm demon lvl 90 ah intentional the higher lvl is 200 and they are few is not easy to reach 100 and much less to be 200 this is not a game for children, or fans, this is a game for people who like challenges. the hope in the server soul my nickname is judaz I hope friends


The best of the best: This game is the best mmorpg games eh played his style sleeve gameplay makes ete game is super cool good misines monstrario incredible why this game is super preferred


I play it this chidos!: I play it from q exists in this re Spanish Cup and if not you can download in this page come in www.uptodown.com ai if you can and it takes you 1 minute good is the q I give them if the good aseptan and if you want may vote me.


"The magic of the world 12 indeed 100% in flash": It is a good game (already in ad version 2.0) and has great gameplay, good graphics, simple controls use, versatility of game (for the trades, types of characters, missions and dialogues with answers obsionales) variety ded creatures and tando of armament as costume and a (and above all) variety of maps in dofus you adentraras in the world of the 12 (the 12 gods) and you can choose one of their sons (11 characters) with their respective powers and abilities there are warriors, Mages, Summoners, Conjurers, defenders and cheats desonestos (his ability is to place traps on the battlefield) to only play your character you must register your account and personalize and ready.In dofus you can desemvolverte as in the Galeón real to choosing your answers in the dialogues and accept the consequences that this causes. In the world of the 12 inhabits a wide variety of creatures which you should take and people which help you to pass the level and get items for your character or some you quieresn fool to harm you but there will always be someone to help you. In the world of the 12 is organizxan events as the Golden owl (although only for subscribers) where you can earn lots of money and weapons. Limitations of the trial version: The high level zones are restricted to users Full Member OS requirements for Dofus: * Operating system: Win2000/XP/2003 Minimum requirements: * Processor: 700 MHz * Memory: 64 MB * Flash Player 7.0 * Free registration: author's website


a game that you will spend hours: When for the first time you see the game, the first impression is not very good but once we adentramas in the plot of this game, is very compelling and fun. is played by a lot of people already that you can make a variety of thing, i.e. can we level our pj, missions, as well as meet people from different places and to create different friends in different geographical places. I recommend the game windows


The only better place to download it!: This pag is gone here porq can download you tooodo this re chido bone re way!


A truly immersive game: It is a very good game in terms of q is a role-playing game online know all sides clear of Spanish-speaking people or if you want to metert to another server because all over the world, the graphics are not the best already q is 2d but they are not bad only are not exceptional but it does not take away merit the game, it has all the q must be a role-playing game and many elements q make it really fun as the option to carry with you your pet, very good game


Good game: This game is a MMORPG fun, for good players in strategy. This game I gusa because you have crafts, amazing battles and you can make friends, is as a game & Chat. What I recommend. Greetings, Argoitzer.


chido: This game I loved by the graphics me parese that I need some time to understand you better stop it recommend for a great dibersion


I think: Hmm I think ke in dofus one should let it so be not paid tenerra a mia Meow and entering ke tanbien sides are paid

silver el que opina

This sounds interesting: Games flash, tend to have bad graphics, but this is an exception, this may be the game flash with better graphic, addition, and seen my brother playing this but forgot your account when I was at level 6: P. This is a mixture of any Mu-like Rpg (but many more original) and & quot;Final Fantasy Tactics & quot; for advance or game boy and massively multiplayer. The game with more players playing on one server I think it is & quot; ikariam & quot; game strategy vasada in gresia, building your Empire, where there there are recorded up to 18,000 playing on a server nothing more, also including which has I think 10 servers, is could say there is always connected people. My score this game will be relatively high, because I said reasons, it is a mixture of shifts and real time, that this is little often.

silver el que opina

Score in numbers...: I wanted to tell you, that for some reason does not appear my score, I wanted to tell you that all of this amounted to __9.3__ Also, visit & quot; minijuegos.com & quot; 99.9% of the game appearing in this paguina are Flash, and look at these graphics and comparalos of this game. But, graphics, can not compete in many games, and always say when you know the subject, not when you think of the game.


addicted but entertaining: That game kita all the time and it's going to vien, while you're playing more you'll understand the game, you attracts but just entertains much needed paid tar pa play it. We're all in the game less friends if they are of brakmar and bonta, but just needs to be abonao pa play in these areas, you can just play chest q is the city begins q and q said in astrub when you are adventurous and also other maps q needs to be paid. Download dofus so savran q will be playing... Only you can see q q that game has good graphics but is well occupied fast time while q play it. DOFUS IS GREAT!

San Miquel Arcangel

It is good: Version is good, there are variety of monster from different nivelae and difficulty, that motivates to play and beat them all, so it is good and the eternal battle between bonta and branka, that also is good


It's cool but could download - is virus-free and without paying: not be if I understand k if you pay does not have virus and if you pay not but you have k pay


The best online: I think that a good game is wing ves with defects that are inpocibles delete think the heroic server is vuena as the soul and for fans of said game a saludote and dofus to improve more than it is (and the IOP are best) xd bye

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