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Acclaimed by many and highly anticipated by others, Amarok is possibly one of the best audio players for Linux.

Amarok includes a database that allows the creation of branches or smart playlists based on various criteria, in addition to bringing everything one needs in terms of audio playback, until a manager of covers and the possibility to download from Internet the lyrics of the songs.

Amarok interface is divided into two panes: on the right are the files of audio along with the playback controls and left a series of panels where to consult the database of audio and playback statistics, browse the available devices (e.g. iPod) or even burn audio CD directly from the library of Amarok.

In addition, with Amarok you can access at any time additional information on the current track, including the cover or lyrics, but also names of other albums for artist and access to various Internet services.

The most agile and interesting Amarok is the creation of playlists that we can save and listen later, as for example the newer tracks, reproduced, lists songs by genre, artist or year, etc. Its integration into K3b makes easier recording of playlists.

Menus, interface and options make Amarok an excellent audio player as well as a highly recommended option for libraries with tens of thousands of topics, and it is that it is very respectful of the system's resources.

  • Easy to use
  • Good integration to the desktop
  • It integrates videos, images and Wikipedia
  • Music streaming
  • Smart lists
  • It depends on the KDE libraries
  • High consumption of resources

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Amarok reviews


That's great: Since that jumped out of Windows to Linux, it is the very best as a player. Absolutely recommended.


For my the best Media Player for linux: He is a player that offers great sound quality and also has a somewhat more careful than his predecessor (1.4) interface. It offers interesting features such as shoutcast, last.fm and other plugins that bring amarok's series, making it more than interesting for its election is also able to get the cover of the album you're listening to at that time, in addition to offering a points system by stars to qualify the music It has its Equalizer as any player that boasts and combined with pulseaudio is a great choice to have a good quality of sound rather than. It is compatible with Amsn and emesene for the & quot; what I am listening to & quot;. The programme has a section in which you access the music from your system folder and you can upload them as they choose (easier than go getting album-by-album).


Impressive player: When I tried Mandriva, the only thing that caught my attention was Amarok. Now that I've been to Ubuntu, I won't hesitate to install it.

wolcottt 64

The best Media Player: Hello that such as this player enhances all the options that you want one for my is the best is very good is excellent in their way of archiving is if my respect


Excellent player: A player very good and interesting, I recommend to everyone. He has personally given me good impression.


Simply incredible!: Despite the excellent choices of players that there are for Linux (Banshee, XMMS, Rythmbox, etc) as this has jumped the fence, it is excellent and has a host of options that won't let you surprise. Among the notable followers of this program underscores the easy intereaccion of the user with the program, achieving a better musical experience. This program includes everything from a ten-band equalizer to the wiki of all your artists you hear now. Finally, this program is compatible with the devices of last generation as generic iPods, cell phones, and MP3.


is my music program: I downloaded it, tried it, and since it is my music program. It is perfect and even lets you configure certain buttons and functions. I'm not a user of Kde but it is the best thing in linux, so my gnome sounds kde.


Very nice for linux...: This preproductor is simply very fun muedes play music and on the other side of the screen you can change of genre nim any problem if you have any questions or you get an error you can help with the... just send me a message and I'll help...


Extremely good: Much better than most that I've used, some of the payment. The number of radio stations that has love.


Amarok is the net: Excellent music player for linux KDE. It accepts any motor reproduction, excellent organization and any codec.




Simply outstanding: Today not you know no lack to this program, even the less important such as skins have many of them on kde-look.org. List and organize the songs as any program.


Very good: Simply the best player that passed through my hands


For my best for linux: I've tried some players as rythmbox and this is the best


Excellent player and music organizer: I was lucky to use it when I used KDE so noo can tell much. Returning to the topic it seems to me that this entrtre the best organizers for linux. the simple way to add songs I like to just drag and drop the clean interface and co many components love the search engine of the biograĆ­a of your favorite artists, displays and other. The only downside is that you can use it in Kubuntu for those who use ubuntu for me is a plot of Kde to get more users as many use only by amarok Kde and oi there coming soon image for mac.

Black Garin

AmaroK, best Mp3 player: This, according to my opinion, is the best programs to play music, is very stable, looks great, does not need much memory, and stays in the system tray, does not bother to the rest of the features of kde, according to me, is the best


As if!!!: Simply ratify the comments about amarok which possibly has nothing to envy to the windows players. I for example have it in my pclinuxos2007 with kde 3.5.6 i works me Deluxe, although to listen to the radio using the always reliable xmms. A greeting

alberto saez

INCREDIBLE: Best reprodurtor of music delmuno. Gives many turns to software proprietary itunes and windows media player.


Excellent: Player amarok is one great thing heprobado in my operating system linux susse 10.1 and I surprised because any player of Windows can restore the music that I was listening to a day and then restart already is on the same day then the music where I stayed is restored and automatic playback starts and with this I no longer have the need to be opening the amrok to hear my music


Excellent player: In my opinion the best player that exists in linux, have it is something essential in your distribution., meets what should.


The best player for GNU/Linux: It is, without a doubt, the par excellence for gnu/linux audio player. Amazingly easy to use, integrates very well when you are using kde, but it does not diminish at all when you run it in gnome. It is easy to find the songs that you seek, it's easy to send them to k3b to burn them, it is easy to use it. Much higher than itunes, and similar to the win32 platform.


Amarok-1.4.5: When trying to Setup amarok installation, tells me "see config.log" I am new to linux, I would appreciate help

NN: Hello, bought me a new pc and it came with linux.no is how to install programs since when put in place a program to unzip them to the installation files and there are none that is called install or something like that... If anyone can help me my box is [email protected] Porfa ayudenme... am new to this

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